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I am guilty again for lack of updates! Oops.

Here are the updates about the kiddos and milestones for the past 3 months ūüėÄ

Aidan's milestones from 27 - 29 months old


  • While Aidan still continues to take breastmilk, I have swopped from latching to expressing milk for him. Tried tandem but it didn't work so well, hard to juggle both. Feels like I was gonna drop Davina anytime HAHA. Maybe when Davina is much bigger?
  • Aidan still enjoys going to school, however he finds it difficult to wake up in the morning and would make a huge fuss about it. He would cry nonstop and would want to sleep in.
  • Still a very picky eater. He hates anything huge or that he would need to chew. Super duper fussy! We should have stuck to BLW from the beginning but it's difficult when I'm not the main caregiver during weekdays ugh.
  • He still loves snacking a lot. He would ask for his biscuits, puffs, sweets and cheese.


  • Daily, we would give him his supplements. So far, he's been quite a good boy taking it!
  • We have established a routine for him. Every night (if we do not go out) after dinner, we would have music time where we would sing along and dance. After that, we would read books. I try to read¬†a variety of books to him from alphabets to numbers to story telling and spot the difference. With this, his addiction to YouTube has reduced greatly but he would still try his luck by asking for it.
  • Also, Aidan is an essential oils baby. Every night, I would apply various oils and massage him. He really enjoys this and now asks for the roller to apply it on his feet himself.


  • He is extremely sweet, he would hug Skai, Davina and me anytime and also rain kisses on us.
  • He has also started asking to brush his teeth daily. No signs of wanting to be toilet trained, so we'll just take it easy and see when he is ready.
  • Honestly, this time is the most toughest for now as he is quite opinionated. He would choose items that he wants to wear or use like his bibs. And he would tell me if whatever I'm wearing is nice or not nice. Problem is, he would also reject items these days. Like when I tell him "Aidan, it's time to sleep.", he would reply "Not yet!".
  • While it's the most tiring, I love this stage the most too. It's so fun to interact with him and teach him things.

Davina's milestones from 2 to 4 months old.


  • Davina is SO DIFFERENT from Aidan. We had a really tough time bottle-feeding her. She refused the bottle and would rather starve and wait for me to latch her.
  • She is also a screamer. I blame colic. For a few weeks, she would cry at the same time every night and nothing soothes her. We have been giving her gripe water... minor improvements so far.
  • She also loves to be carried so that's the best way to soothe her.


  • Just like Aidan, she has inherited our eczema problems. She now has some eczema issues on her face, chin and chest. Doesn't help that she scratches them all the time. We have resorted to making her wear mittens again.
  • She is also a smiley baby IF you smile at her. When she sees faces, she will smile all the time. But she would give a blank look at the camera. HAHHAA.
  • She sleeps through the night which is good and bad. Good cos I could rest better but bad cos I would wake up with super engorged breasts. Ow.


  • Finally at 4 months, she managed to take the bottle. From drinking 30ml only, she is now taking 130ml. Thank god I 'lengthened' my maternity leave by utilising 2 weeks of annual leave.
  • She is a thumb sucker! She loves sucking her thumb and refuses pacifiers.
  • Davina flipped and would only sleep on her side or on her front, which freaks me out as I would keep waking up to make sure she is alive. I tried so many times to put her on her back but she would just flip back.
  • She would smile and 'chat' with Aidan when he hugs her. I think these two would be fun to watch in future. Got a feeling Davina will whack Aidan though. HAHHAA.

I know I always said I didn't want kids previously but seriously these two are a blessing. It's been so great having them <3

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I have to admit, I have been extremely tardy with updating on the milestones. It's been so hectic and i hardly have the time to sit at the computer especially with Davina needing my attention always.

I only have time on my mobile these days and even those time, is very limited. The panda period is tough but this too, will pass ūüôā

Here's Aidan's updates from 23 - 26 months!


  • At 23 months, I was still latching Aidan. While I know some may frown on latching as it may cause contractions, I have also heard of mothers latching throughout their pregnancy. I decided to continue latching though I reduced the frequency due to my nursing aversion.
  • Aidan still seem to enjoy school and playing with the kids. There were some mild cases of Aidan being bitten by his schoolmates but I heard that Aidan continued playing with them. LOL
  • Aidan also started recognising my tummy as meimei then.


  • Aidan's childcare had a bout of HFMD so we took him out of childcare for 3 weeks to be safe as we couldn't risk him contracting HFMD and passing to me at my final trimester.
  • Because we didn't send him to school, we missed celebrating his birthday at school. Instead we had a simple celebration at home where we discovered he is scared of lighted candles.
  • He can't pronounce his name still so he calls himself A. He would refer to his items like "A clothes", "A shoes", "A eat".
  • Aidan is still very picky over his food. Most of the times, he refuses to chew and would only take soft food. He loves soup a lot!


  • He is extremely peckish and would want to snack. We have bought lots of puffs, biscuits and snacks for him.
  • Meimei arrived 2 weeks after his 2 years birthday. He loves meimei a lot. He would hug and kiss her. But he doesn't know his strength, so we would watch out how he treats Davina lol.
  • Aidan is still very addicted to YouTube and we have had many episodes of him throwing tantrums just to get his way. Terrible twos?


  • Aidan recognises us. When we show him pictures of us in the past, he can still recognise us and would call us.
  • He is also very helpful and we would ask him to help pick up items etc and he would happily agree to do so.
  • He loves to play with toys especially the cutting toys. I think it's because he watches those videos on YouTube and is happy to see the same items at home.

So far Aidan has not showed any jealousy to Davina, will see how it goes!

Davina at one month old!


  • Davina like Aidan is exclusively breastfed. But her feeding behaviour is the opposite of Aidan. While Aidan latches on strong and long, Davina drinks for a short period of time but frequently.
  • Davina also rejects bottles unlike Aidan. She wakes every 1.5 hours and needs to either latch or be cuddled.
  • She sleeps better with us around her. We would pat her or hug her to sleep.
  • Davina seems to be more serious as compared to Aidan. I suspect her personality will be more like Skai's. LOL



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Just like with Aidan, I opted for a scheduled c-section with Davina. Reasons being, I suffered from low placenta again and Davina was breech.

To be honest, I really did wanted to try a natural birth but because of the risks involved, a healthy baby was more important.

This time again, we chose the single ward. Same like last time, we checked in after midnight, did the pre-admission etc. I however felt even more nervous than the first time. Had so many fears and worries before the surgery. I guess, it's also because I knew what was going on, thus I felt more scared.

I couldn't sleep a single wink before my surgery. Not a single minute at all.

Funnily, this time, I didn't had to use a supp to clear my bowels. I asked the nurse and she said there was a note that I had a low placenta and that they don't use supps for low placenta. Kinda weird if you asked me since I had that for #1. Maybe my placenta was lower than back then?

Same as the previous time, they prepped me and wheeled me off to the operating theatre while Skai was brought elsewhere to prep.

I had previously requested for the same anaesthetist but unfortunately she wasn't available. This time, a male anaesthetist handled my surgery. He gave me laughing gas before inserting the spinal block which I didn't feel help much. It just basically makes you feel a bit woozy LOL.

For those familiar with a caesarian will know how's the procedure.

  • After the anaesthetist has injected the spinal block, your gynaecologist will check if you have any pains by using pressing your stomach.
  • They will then start the operation, and very quickly the father will be ushered in and your baby will be born quite quickly. At this part, some pressure will be placed on your tummy to push the baby out.
  • After a quick photo taking, the father and baby will be ushered at the side where they will check the baby and also have a look at the placenta.
  • The baby will then go thru a few other checks elsewhere and the father will be ushered out of the operating theatre.
  • The operation will continue as the gynaecologist will concentrate on closing you up.

Here's my account of Aidan's birth.

This time, everything happens as per usual.. at the beginning. Skai was ushered in and we waited.

However Davina didn't appear as fast as Aidan did and we noticed that the mood of the team took a very serious turn. More hands were called for to help push Davina out. At this time, no one was telling us what was happening but we knew that Davina was stuck. I heard the anaesthetist suggesting to my gynaecologist to use the forceps.

It felt like forever (as compared to Aidan's time) and finally Davina was born. However she did not cry. I noticed some of the staff hurrying to call the pd etc. It felt like everyone was holding their breath as.. We all know there would be complications if the baby does not cry...

After a while, she cried. I have never thank god so many times in my life before. Skai was then ushered out and again, my gynaecologist closed me up. And everything was per normal.

The next day, when I was feeling better, I asked my gynae what happened. In my own understanding, my bladder was in the way of the scar so he cut in a different angle. Coupled with the fact that Davina was not in the right position, it became a very difficult delivery.

But thank god, all is well.

Aside from that, I suffered side effects from the epidural such as shivering and nausea. My nausea was so bad that I wasn't allowed food for a while. When I could eat, I was only allowed porridge for 2 days.

I also had breastfeeding contractions which I later found out was more common in second time mums. Recovery for my second c-sect definitely took longer and I was in severe pain for a few weeks. Thankfully I'm much better now. But am still taking it slow, to be safe.

Enough about the wall of text, here are some pics from my hospital stay!

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As some of you guys may know, I am a full on hardcore breastfeeding enthusiast. For myself that is. I fell in love with breastfeeding once my supply regulated and Aidan had found a good latching position.

Needless to say, I was pretty determined to continue breastfeeding for #2. When I found out I was pregnant, I continued to pump till my supply dwindled. I stopped pumping at about 18 weeks (pregnancy brain, can't remember exactly when)

I still continued latching though as Aidan has yet to wean. I also did not want to force him to wean, I prefer for him to self-wean if he ever wants to. And I knew that he pretty much was comfort latching.

But latching became so painful. It was really unbearable. Am not sure if it was the hormones or what, but it was more painful for me than the first week of breastfeeding.

I didn't share this much but I started feeling angry also whenever Aidan latched. Like straight on angry feelings, pissed off feelings. I felt so angry at him.

And I got so confused with my feelings. I love latching and I love breastfeeding. Why was I getting angry? I had no history with prenatal depression nor postnatal depression so I was super confused.

Here I was.. feeling angry when Aidan latched and guilty the next moment. My emotions were going crazy honestly. I soon started googling and came across the term "Nursing aversion".

Basically it's quite common though I have never heard of the term before. Seems like most mums get it when they get pregnant the second time.

Skai encouraged me to wean Aidan since I was having all of these negative feelings but I wasn't ready to call it quits. I researched, joined Facebook groups, read lots of articles and decided to try out the tips suggested.

I still latch Aidan but I cut down on the latching time. I would tell him it hurts and stop for a while but latch again later and we soon established a routine. Beginning, it was tough, he would cry, yell and get angry but after a while, it went well.

Now that colostrum has kicked in, latching is less painful. Aidan pretty much latches once or twice a day and asks for 'neh neh' at times.

I'm glad that I managed to find some information about how I was feeling and found out how to make the best out of it. Nursing aversion is real, I guess it could be a kind of prenatal depression too?

I honestly can't wait to tandem latch both Aidan and Davina in future. I'm hoping this nursing aversion feeling would pass, some say it would stay for a while. But I'll try my very best. To fellow mums who are suffering from nursing aversion, jiayou ladies! Do whatever makes it better. If you have to wean, by all means. If you have to cut down, go ahead.


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