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As some of you guys know, I'm currently pregnant with my second kid which is a girl. Friends have been asking me if there are any differences between expecting a boy and a girl so I thought I should blog this out!

To make this more fun, I will share a common myth and will indicate if it's true for me or false!

Pic by Withminn!


Common myth #1

If you are pregnant with a girl, you will tend to break out as "girls steal your beauty". If you are pregnant with a boy, your skin will be glowing.


Both pregnancies, I didn't break out nor did my skin "glow". I have dull skin and hardly have any pimples and acne. Both skin conditions were exactly the same.

Common myth #2

If you are pregnant with a boy, you will tend to crave for more salty/meaty items. If you are pregnant with a girl, you will crave for sweet desserts.


I do have cravings but they are quite minimal compared to the other mamas I know. Both pregnancies I crave mainly more for sweet items. Awfully chocolate ice-cream remains a consistent craving.

Common myth #3

If you are pregnant with a girl, you will tend to get morning sickness.


I hardly had any morning sickness with Aidan but with Davina, I had it very very very bad.

Common myth #4

If you are pregnant with a boy, your tummy will be sharp. If you are pregnant with a girl, it will be round.


In early stages, both times, the tummy looked the same. But as I hit my third trimester, it was really significant on how the difference in shape! Aidan was super sharp! While Davina is round like an egg!

Common myth #5

If you get migraines/headaches, you are likely to be carrying a boy.


While I did not have much morning sickness when I was pregnant with Aidan, I had very severe migraines. With Davina, I didn't get any migraines but I had severe morning sickness.

These are just 5 of the myths that I will be sharing! Also, just to share some other updates about my pregnancy.

  1. I suffered from cervical polyps with Aidan.
    • I had 3 huge ones during my pregnancy. Gynae said, it's due to too much estrogen. Was bleeding throughout my second and third trimester.
  2. Davina was breech for a period of time.
    • She was breech for a good 6 weeks at least while Aidan had no such issues.
  3. Both times, I kena preterm contractions.
  4. Both times, I am diagnosed with low placenta.
    • With Davina, my placenta is even lower than with Aidan..
  5. With Aidan, I had a huge blood clot.
    • Until now, I still do not know if it was the bloody show. It looked like it though!
  6. Both times, I kena gestational diabetes.

And now... we count down to Davina's arrival. Here's praying for a safe delivery! Fingers crossed!

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Ashley Low Photography should be no stranger to many of you. I worked with Ashley for my previous maternity shoot for #1 and various other sessions before in the last two years! Here's a recap:

Just like with Aidan, I wanted to capture photos of my beautiful bump when pregnant with Davina (aka #2) but I wanted something different as compared with Aidan!

Ashley and I discussed about a few different scenarios and concept and we decided to go for an outdoor photoshoot this time as we did an indoor shoot when I was pregnant with Aidan.

I showed some pictures from Pinterest as reference to Ashley and we both concluded that I preferred florals and a more girly look for this shoot. While Ashley offered a great variety of outfits to choose from, I wanted to search for different styles of clothings for the shoot. Showed them to Ashley and we shortlisted three outfits and decided on going to Botanical Gardens for our shoot!

I also mentioned to Ashley that while this was  a maternity shoot, I would prefer if we can skew it to more of a family shoot. I wanted both Aidan and Skai to be the main stars of the shoot too.

Here's the end results! I love the pics! Ashley really charmed Aidan too because he was so cooperative and so happy during the shoot.

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As some of you guys may know, I am a full on hardcore breastfeeding enthusiast. For myself that is. I fell in love with breastfeeding once my supply regulated and Aidan had found a good latching position.

Needless to say, I was pretty determined to continue breastfeeding for #2. When I found out I was pregnant, I continued to pump till my supply dwindled. I stopped pumping at about 18 weeks (pregnancy brain, can't remember exactly when)

I still continued latching though as Aidan has yet to wean. I also did not want to force him to wean, I prefer for him to self-wean if he ever wants to. And I knew that he pretty much was comfort latching.

But latching became so painful. It was really unbearable. Am not sure if it was the hormones or what, but it was more painful for me than the first week of breastfeeding.

I didn't share this much but I started feeling angry also whenever Aidan latched. Like straight on angry feelings, pissed off feelings. I felt so angry at him.

And I got so confused with my feelings. I love latching and I love breastfeeding. Why was I getting angry? I had no history with prenatal depression nor postnatal depression so I was super confused.

Here I was.. feeling angry when Aidan latched and guilty the next moment. My emotions were going crazy honestly. I soon started googling and came across the term "Nursing aversion".

Basically it's quite common though I have never heard of the term before. Seems like most mums get it when they get pregnant the second time.

Skai encouraged me to wean Aidan since I was having all of these negative feelings but I wasn't ready to call it quits. I researched, joined Facebook groups, read lots of articles and decided to try out the tips suggested.

I still latch Aidan but I cut down on the latching time. I would tell him it hurts and stop for a while but latch again later and we soon established a routine. Beginning, it was tough, he would cry, yell and get angry but after a while, it went well.

Now that colostrum has kicked in, latching is less painful. Aidan pretty much latches once or twice a day and asks for 'neh neh' at times.

I'm glad that I managed to find some information about how I was feeling and found out how to make the best out of it. Nursing aversion is real, I guess it could be a kind of prenatal depression too?

I honestly can't wait to tandem latch both Aidan and Davina in future. I'm hoping this nursing aversion feeling would pass, some say it would stay for a while. But I'll try my very best. To fellow mums who are suffering from nursing aversion, jiayou ladies! Do whatever makes it better. If you have to wean, by all means. If you have to cut down, go ahead.


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A month or so back, our little family of three went for a Singapore staycation at Oasia Hotel Downtown. I think I'm pretty much out of touch with Singapore Staycations now, there's so many new hotels that popped up and the packages are amazing!

Skai and I used to go for romantic / couple staycations back in the past and now with our lil family of three (and expanding soon), we tend to opt for staycations with more facilities such as pools or family friendly places.

I first saw Oasia Hotel Downtown as it was located very close to Teppei, one of my favourite Japanese Omakase restaurants!


The hotel is located in the downtown Tanjong Pagar area which is conveniently located close to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Lots of eateries from restaurants, local delights in hawker centres and cafes are located very close by.

We checked in a Club Room which came with access to the Club Floor, Club Lounge and Infinity Pool on Level 21. Do take note that kids are not permitted to enter the Club Lounge. Luckily that day, Aidan was due to spend time with my in-laws for dinner, so we managed to steal away a few hours for a date night!




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