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I was introduced to Nateen, a brand of diapers a few months ago by a mutual friend! Nateen is a Belgium Brand of diapers. They started its distribution in Europe and South America in 1990s and is distributed by Turbo-Med.

I was introduced to their baby range of products.


Blur pic but check out Aidan's cheeky grin when he saw the items!


We tried the Nateen Baby Pull Up Pants in Size L. ($66 for a carton of 8 x 20's)


And the Nateen Tape Diapers in Size L. ($44.80 for a carton of 2 x 64's)


And the Nateen Baby Wet Wipes. ($33.60 for a carton of 12)

Personally I have tried quite a wide range of diapers for Aidan before, from the most affordable to the premium, we tried everything. Thankfully Aidan has not had any bad reactions to any diaper so far.


And what's my take on Nateen?

Honestly it feels more premium that the current brand of diapers I'm using. It's very soft with  breathable material and is comparable to the premium range of diapers. I like how that it has a colour wetness indicator (like some of the other brands do!) on the front so that with a quick glance, we'll know if it's time for a diaper change.

In the premium category of diapers, I feel that Nateen diapers is a little bit more affordable compared to the rest? I honestly see Nateen as an 'unbranded' premium diaper. There's no 'design' nor brand endorsement (which could be why it's more affordable?) and it's simple and functional. And that's enough for me. It's ultra-soft, high absorbency, fast drying, works well and has no bells and whistles because that's the way it is. Work like diaper, looks like a diaper. Not a fashion accessory.

For the wet wipes, I find that it's more moist than most that I've used before which makes it really convenient as it helps with stubborn hard poo, dirty table, gross public baby chairs! I also like it comes with it's own lid.


Thanks Nateen for sending these products for me to review! Nateen has also kindly offered a discount code for my readers should you wish to try their products.

Enjoy $10 off your first purchase with a minimum purchase of $100 order. Simply key the promo code NN10 on their website

Find out more about Nateen Baby Diapers and Wet Wipes here:

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With my new role as a mother, my mindset has changed. I can no longer adopt the heck care mentality I had previously about my health.

Honestly, all I do is worry. Like what my gynae had told me previously: "As a parent, you'll never stop worrying."

And it's so true. I worry whenever the weather is bad. Previously when I was pregnant and there was the haze last year, I was so worried on how it'll affect my pregnancy!


I worry whenever there is a health scare. Zika, HFMD, Flu etc. I avoid people and places when I hear of such a scare. Not everybody practices good hygiene nor do they stay home when they are sick. As much as possible, I try not to expose Aidan (or myself, since I'm breastfeeding) to such situations.

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As some of you guys may know, I love my staycations. Skai and I used to go for couple staycations all the time. And ever since I had Aidan, we love staycations even more! We love bringing Aidan for swimming sessions as he really enjoys being in the water.

When I first heard about the Family Fun Escape Staycation package by Swissotel Merchant Court Singapore, I was extremely intrigued.

While some of usual staycations that I go have interesting activities and decor, this really took the cake. The rooms are set up in 'Home style' (in my own words) where it's decorated in a very homely manner according to the respective ages of the kids.

The package comes with the following:

- Two rooms dressed up with kid's amenities such as themed bedding, toys and games
- Swissotel Kids’ Room set-up and age-appropriate amenities upon request
- 2 Adult and 2 Child USS admission tickets
- Complimentary ice cream during your stay for children 12 and below
- Guaranteed late check-out till 4.00pm

As our little family #nadskaidan is basically the three of us, we felt that having two rooms were too much for us especially because we co-sleep with Aidan.


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Although I'm a mother now, doesn't mean I'm not hiao. LOL.

How has your preparation been? I'm all prepared on the hiao front like clothes, hair, nails but my house is still not clean!

Panicking a bit actually. Last few days to tidy up the mess!

On the hiao-front, I've gotten my hair and nails done! A few weeks ago, I visited Caely, my stylist from Shunji Matsuo 313. I super buay tahan my outgrown roots and wanted to touch up my hair. She bleached my roots and gave me a darker colour so that my whole hair colour would be even-ed out rather than be patchy. It will lighten in time and then it's time to play with colour again. WOOHOO!

Here's the end result!


She had also customised a Shu Uemura Master Ceremony Treatment to help strengthen my hair and also reduce dryness from bleaching.


If you look at my hair now, you will never guess that it has been bleached plenty of times within 6 months and coloured over and over again. Healthy hair yo!

Feel free to show Caely any of my pics if you are looking to get this colour too! And as usual, when you quote my name Nadia or nick nadnut, you'll enjoy 10% off chemical services!

Also, do check out my Shunji Matsuo 313 hair journey here:

Check out Shunji Matsuo @ 313 now! Quote my name (nadia or nadnut) to get 10% off your chemical services (i.e. colouring, treatment, perming, straightening etc)! Anyway, If you like any of my hair colours, do show Caely these pics to get the colours! Easier to show her!

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset, #03-26
(t) +65 6238 0226
(insta): @Shunjimatsuo
Twitter: #ShunjiMatsuoSG

I then visited Milly's at the Suntec City branch to get my nails pampered. Went through a classic manicure and pedicure where my cuticles were trimmed and had some lovely nail art! This time, I opted for gelish with a bright and cutesy design of chicks, eggs and hearts!



Visit Milly’s at the following outlets to get your nails and lashes done! Remember to quote 'nadnut' to enjoy special perks!

Far East Plaza?
14 Scotts Road #03-131
Singapore 228213
?Tel: 67376723

?Bugis Cube
?470 North Bridge Road #02-12
Singapore 188735
?Tel: 63376876

Suntec City?
3 Temasek Boulevard
?Suntec City Tower 1&2
Singapore 038983
Tel: 62386216

50 Jurong Gateway Road #04-07/08
Singapore 608549 

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #02-11
Singapore 238839
Tel: 62526216


SMS for appointments: 83835395

Check out the other interesting nail art that I've done with Milly's!

These were my pampering treats! How did you prepare for your CNY? Let me know!

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Merry Christmas from The Sims!


#nadskaidan wishes everyone a very lovely Christmas! It's our first Christmas with Aidan and there is no better present than him!


Even if he's behaving like a Christmas Grinch!


Last two pics were taken by the awesome Janna from JarsOfFluff when we were in IKEA! Thanks TheCLabel for the customised romper! <3

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!