Yet another ccb moment.

We were in Melaka window shopping when I stumbled onto F Cup Cookies in one of the shops.

Me: Hey! Look at this! F Cup Cookies!
Ccb: *not interested expression*
Me: *mumbling to myself* should i buy?
Ccb: Unless it’s A Cup Cookies, you don’t need them.
Me: Eh? Why leh! (Seriously not fishing for compliments. Always thought bigger = better!)
Ccb: Yours are enough for me. Nothing bigger, smaller can.
Me: Where got! It’s small lor! I want a little bit more!
Ccb: I have small hands.
Me: T_T”

2 thoughts on “Yet another ccb moment.”

  1. Lolz ooopppsss you just let out on a secret… BTW the F Cup cookies can’t be consumed as there are side effects that harms us.


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