WTF of the day: Funny piecharts.

Airpork plurked about this and it is too funny not to share!

This is so true! My family always leave the TV on and they will do their own things. They once even went for a nap and the TV was still on! Granted that I was in the living room on my computer but I wasn’t watching TV!

HAHAHA! I wanna go clubbing on Halloween! But I can’t! GE10k is on the next day. zzz..

I remember the times I’ll be bored to death watching Tiger game. Thank god Ccb doesn’t game!

*coughs* Am very guilty of this. But most of the time, it’s because I’m still stuck at the office!

So true!

HAHAHA! I face this all the time whenever I go overseas. Always end up yelling!

Any funny stuff to share too? Love reading such stuff!

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