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Would you be able to forgive him?

As some of you guys know, I am an emotional fool. I get easily affected when I watch drama series, movies or read sad stories. I am also that auntie who watches the 7pm and 9pm chinese shows on Channel 8.

So recently… there is this “AIDS show” (one of the “national service” shows that MediaCorp produced) and the unlucky bloke (Chen Hanwei is the lead actor) contracted AIDS after a ONS with a hooker when he was drunk and everyone shunned him after that. People can be so cruel…

If let’s say your husband/wife had an ONS, would you forgive him/her?

If yes, if he/she had an ONS with a hooker, would you still forgive him/her?

Honestly if my significant other had cheated on me, I don’t know if I’ll be able to forgive him, even if I did forgive him, I would think that I would be paranoid of his every move, what if he continued cheating on me etc? Forgive but never forget.

Would you be able to forgive and forget?

9 thoughts on “Would you be able to forgive him?”

  1. In that show, he had an ONS BEFORE he met his wife right?

    I am fine with that. But if my other half cheats during my relationship with her….

    NO WAY. No forgiveness! No forgetting!


  2. honestly, i wouldn’t be able to forget. i’d forgive i guess but then i’d just want to have nothing to do with the person anymore. can’t live with the endless neuroticism and paranoia.


  3. My husband did betray me before, although no ONS, but the harm is done, cuz emotionally betraying is worst than physically. Till now, I can only forgive and not forget, most importantly, watching his every small moves, any bigger ones, i paranoid, even bigger ones, i will cry and kick up a big fuss…

    I hope one day i will get over it but i will never forget it.


  4. I know that I’ll forgive the guy if I really love him to salvage the relationship but being insecure and paranoid will just kill the relationship in the end.


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