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Off to The Line again!

But before heading to the line, I had to dress up as it was Tiger’s birthday!

Remember the previous review I did? Here are some pictures!

Here are some of the products I used.

I couldn’t recreate the look I wanted but I was fairly happy at the outcome! You can get yours recreated by the Beauty Advisors from MJā€¦ stay tuned for my next entry to find out how!

Ignore the werewolfy eyebrows. I haven’t had my eyebrows trimmed yet. Oops.Ā  Anyway, I’m using the Majolook eyeshadow for this look. Cuckoo me forgot to take a picture before putting on mascara on one side.Take a look at the difference: One with mascara and one without.

Take a look at the mascara wand (it’s the comb type), unique isn’t it?

Now take a look, the one on the right has Lashbone which is the mascara base and the one on the left has both Lashbone, Lash Beautifying Mascara and Neo Automatic Liner in soft black. See the difference! Eyeliner makes your eyes looks bigger!

The complete look!

I love this look. Simple and yet classy! Perfect for every occasion.

What do you think? Nice nice?

Remember my entry about the line, this time I took pictures of everything I ate and here are my recommendations.

Skip the salad. Boring.

Go for the cheese platter. The tomato salad is good too!

I LOVE cheese platters!!!

Take a little bit of everything. The corn was a tad too dry but the pizza is always good!

The dimsum was forgettable to me.

The laksa wasn’t great to me. Nothing can beat katong laksa. Check out the unique spoon! You’ll never lose your spoon in your soup or gravy again!

Unfortunately there is a flaw in the design. It feels uncomfortable holding the spoon and looks a tad sissy too.

The indian food was good. I love the satay and the naan bread.

Must have: Miso soup, salmon sashimi (for tiger) and maguro sashimi (for me). Don’t be shy, ask for 2 servings!

Tiger absolutely adores the salmon sashimi there. He says it’s really fresh!

Another must have according to tiger. The oysters! I’m not a fan of oysters though.

This is MY must have! The prawns are fresh and juicy! Absolutely delish!

And now comes dessert!

I absolutely adore their durian cake! There is yummy strawberries in it too. I must have ate like 3 slices of this!

Crepe and bread and butter pudding. Not fantastic, so-so only.

I had 2 different fillings for my sweet crepe: Mango and Chocolate. The chocolate tasted a bit funky.

That’s all I ate. The next time, I’m just gonna gorge on tuna sashimi and prawns!

9 thoughts on “Off to The Line again!”

  1. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so nice i also wanna gooooo..

    but i heard it’s really expensive. bleargh. haha. but it looks like it’s worth the money!

    the sashimi looooks great! fat and juicy. hahaha.


  2. Hey!
    A fan of your blog šŸ˜€ Really interesting to read. Anyway you look awesome with this look! You should stick to it šŸ™‚


  3. selsel: it’s yummy!!! i wanna go back there again! shiok!

    DamnMorgan: yah, my super horrible eyebrows.

    starmist: heh thanks.

    JF: siao ah? expensive wor!

    Anne: aww thanks! šŸ™‚

    Jaschocolate: The desserts are shiokadoodooo!!

    astrorainfall: Yeah, I love Mj! heh, i eat a LOT thats why i have a lil tummy now. :/


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