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Vlogging your way! – Stand to win a SONY Bloggie!


As some of you guys know, I like vlogging and have done so for many pet projects.

Video blogging is really fun! You should try it out too!

If you’re new to vlogging and do not know where to start, how about trying out vlogCRUSH?

Here’s why you should give vlogCRUSH a shot!

1) A place to start vlogging about your life, your opinions and discuss everything under the sun!

2) Host your very own web shows. You can start your very own channel!

3) It’s really easy to use plus you can also personalise your interactive features

4) A good platform to be recognised and also engage your viewers aka Crushers

5) Stand to win a SONY Bloggie!

Here’s how!

From now till 16 May 2010, sign up for a FREE vlogCRUSH account at! Afterwards just indicate my referral code (nadnut) in the registration form and one lucky reader will win a SONY bloggie worth $399! The best part – if my reader wins, I will win one too! Woooot!

I so love the pink Sony Bloggie. It just looks awesome!

It’s that simple! Now go SIGN UP! It’s FREE!

Here’s an example of  a vlog that I did! My friends and I play poker every week thus we decided to have fun and just film a how-to video of how to play poker using the Sony BLOGGIE!

Pardon the amateurish attempt, we did not embelish the video with fanciful editing etc and you need not to do so too!

Many people think that vlogging is hard as you have to edit the videos, insert dramatic music, subtitles and funky animation. While, yes there are easy on the eye, I personally feel if you are going to do it regularly, just do a simple video. Let the content draw the readers or viewers in this case, back!

Done very imprompto. Just had the mood to vlog and I did! Hope this proves useful to you!

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