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This is a Womanly Wednesdays - Beauty and hiaoness entry under my themed blogposts! For more info about this Singapore Lifestyle Blog themed posts, do read the entry here.

As some of you guys may remember, I'm pretty tight with one of my Mysterymakangirls Fidelis! We go way back! From:

I always knew Fidelis was very talented with her hands. She is a pro at baking, decorating and makeup! She did my makeup once before when we were making lollipops at her place and I loved it!

So when Fidelis was telling us MysteryMakanGirls that she was thinking about going Taiwan for a 1 month makeup course, I was very supportive!

She went and learned amazing tips and tricks there! Just check out some of her amazing works here!

I was telling Fidel that I was going for my excolleagues' wedding last week and she volunteered to doll me up. Went over to her place and this was what happened!

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This is a Monday's Musings - Random thoughts, feelings and musings by Yours Truly entry under my themed blog posts! For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here

I think most of my Monday's Musings entries comes from real life experiences. When irked, amused, I think it makes good content for Monday's boliaoness posts. These are all true experiences where I faced during dating then engagement till marriage life.

Before Marriage.

1. When are you guys getting married ah?

I'm sure many of you guys face this question, especially during Chinese New Year. If your partner has yet to propose, this will be an extremely awkward moment. I myself have made this mistake many times. Oops.

2. Have you applied for a BTO?

There's a saying that there is no romance in Singapore. Nowadays couples apply for a BTO before getting engaged. Declaring that you have applied for a BTO is as good as saying "Yes, we're getting married." I remember reading this on a t-shirt "Would you BTO me?" Hurhur.

After the proposal.

3. How big is the ring? How much did he spent on it?

Seriously, I had this question posed to me. Why are you comparing my ring? It feels like that person just wanted to 1-up us. Bo liao. Compete for what? Wanna compete if your balls bigger than my husband's?

When planning for your wedding dinner.

I've written about this before in my wedding pet peeves but I'll summarise and add it in here too!

4. How much is per table ah?

WTF. You do not ask a couple that. It's like a loaded question. Give whatever you wanna give la. And can't you Google? Please don't tell me you wanna know cos you wanna gauge how much to give for the angbao. KNN!

5. Can I bring a +1? 

If I answered no and you persist on bringing a +1, then why bother asking me? You "forgot" ah? You good.

After the wedding dinner.

6. How much was the wedding ah? How much did you lose?

I find this extremely irritating. If you are not looking at the extent of what I did for my wedding then it shouldn't affect you. I don't know some people (mainly the unmarried ones) thinks that wedding = profits. Honey, that's the wrong mindset. And seriously, some people are so el cheapo. Don't do wedding dinner lah if you have that kind of mindset!

7. When are you gonna have kids?

How about, when are you gonna shut the mother father up? I wrote about this in my last Monday's Musings post.

8. Why bother having a wedding dinner?

Because we have our reasons and it's a choice? Showing disdain over our choice of having a traditional banquet is silly. Not everyone is like you. We don't show disdain over your choice of partners, do we? Personally, yes, a traditional banquet would have never crossed my mind in the first place, but I loved planning for it and I loved how it turned out. I don't regret at all having a wedding dinner and it was a great experience for me. It's not my fault if you didn't enjoy planning yours. If you choose to elope or have a BBQ for your wedding, by all means. That ain't our style.

9. Why "this", Why "that"?

For example, why the choice of your BTO's location, Punggol so mother father far! Why Punggol? Why you choose to host your ROM there? Singapore Flyer so ex! Why did you have 47 tables for your wedding? Why Orchard Hotel? why the venue? Why did you have a candy table? Why did you have a Photo Booth? why the setting of your engagement ring? Why a half infinity ring for your wedding band? Why your ring don't match with Skai? Why are you going to Maldives? Not ex meh? Why do you go for Singapore staycations often? How much do you spend a year on staycations? Why did you buy a Chanel bag? Not expensive meh? Why did you choose that design for your MCM bag? How much was it? why why why mother father why why why?! Because we like it lah. Can? Wah lao eh. Lao niang buay tahan lah!


These are some of the irritating things that people have asked Skai aka c(hubby) and I. SO DAMN IRRITATING!!!!!!!!! What have you faced personally? Do comment in this entry! Also, what other things you've heard that you think should be on this list? Please feel free to comment!

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Well, this is my Monday's Musings entry. Sorry for the long wall of text! I hope that you've enjoyed reading this Things That Couples Hate To Hear musing piece from me! Are there any other topics that you'll like to hear from me? Do comment and I'll muse about that ;)

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This is a Tips on Tuesdays - nadnut pretends to act knowledgable and impart some tips. entry under my themed blog posts! For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here.

This is an extremely throwback post. But I decided that since I had all of these pictures, it would be such a waste to not use them!

Background info: These pictures were from my wedding makeup and hair trial before my wedding dinner on 1st March 2014 i.e. #nadskai1314! I've worked with my Makeup Artist Cindy from Colorpots Makeup a couple of times before.

Before your makeup trial, you should discuss with your Makeup Artist aka MUA on your expectations.

Do you have a certain makeup look that you like? I shared with Cindy that I wanted a lighter look for the morning gatecrash and a much heavier look for the dinner.

What are the must-dos and must not-dos for your hair? I don't know if you guys noticed but I hate having my fringe up. Reason being, I do not have a nice hairline and I feel that I have a high forehead. It doesn't look flattering for me with my fringe up. So hell no to fringe being pinned up.

I also wanted two different looks for the morning and evening. I wanted my hair up aka shunu look with the lighter look and my hair down for the evening.

Discuss discuss discuss. I also showed Cindy my gowns and some pictures of makeup looks and hairdos I liked and she shared her opinions on them.

I decided to have my wedding makeup and hair trial the same day as my bridal gowns fitting. Reason being, I wanted to see how the makeup and hair will look with my gowns.

We didn't do the evening makeup trial as Cindy had experimented on darker looks for my ROM previously before and I liked it. Pass! No need sit exam again!

So on the day itself, Cindy did my makeup first before trying out the various hairdos.




Curled hair with morning makeup. My feedback: I felt that the light brown eyeshadow was a bit normal for me (though flattering) as I use that colour normally in my daily makeup. Cindy and I discussed and we agreed on trying pink for my morning look on the day itself. And it worked! We also agreed to only apply falsies on the upper eye for the morning.




She braided my hair and did an undo for me while tucking in the hair. My feedback: I loved the look as it made my hair looks quite voluminous and it wasn't the conventional bun. I also decided that the lip colour was too barbie doll pink for me and we agreed to try a less baby pink gloss.

For the evening look, we discussed on hairstyles that were easy to modify. Most couples do not have much time for their second outfit change and we thought it would be wiser to play it safe.





Cindy braided bits of my hair and tried two variations. One with it loose and the other tied to the side. My feedback: We thought of my outfit and I decided that it being loose suited my off shoulder dress more while having it at the side suited the toga second march in dress. Loved this hairdo and approved it immediately!

For the second march in, we went for something simpler.





Cindy twisted my hair into a few loops and tied it at the side for my second march in hairdo. My feedback: I requested for more hairspray as I felt that my fine hair could get a bit frizzy and messy at the end.

We also discussed on hair colours for the wedding, what would suit my skin tone and what wouldn't. Whether I should trim my hair or fringe. She suggested that I had my hair layered for the wedding.





I think it looked good during my fitting!

At the end of the day, my makeup lasted! No smudges at all!





I super love working with Cindy! She also reminded me on some tips she had imparted to me for my ROM back then.

-Do not wash your hair the day of your trial / actual makeup day.
-Do not put on any leave in serum the night before
-Bring your skincare regime but do not put in on. The MUA will help you with it. Sometimes the moisturiser might counter effect her ampoules
-Have enough sleep!

Check out her works at https://www.facebook.com/colorpotsmakeup. If you’ll like to use her, quote Nadia/nadnut to get a special price! Call her at 9746 3120 if you have any queries! 

This isn't an advertorial! I genuinely really like working with Cindy and wasn't sponsored to write this! Hope this piece will come in handy for all of you prospective brides!

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The boy and i have discussed with our parents and we've fixed a date for the ROM.

We've decided that we are not in any rush to get married so soon. I had a perfect date in mind and it really seemed like a good idea to get married on that special date.

Which is two years later. In the meantime, we search for a place and save loads of moolah for the wedding, house, renovation and whatnots.

We pretty much know what we want for our ROM.

We are looking for an outdoor venue or well, semi-outdoor at the very least. We are going for an UP-themed wedding. Figured that's the best theme to suit my love for colours, rainbows and clouds. Time to check out all the wedding shows. We are toying between a ROM or to settle everything on that date.

For now, i'm just collating ideas. Am looking for the UP "house". If anyone has any lobang, pls let me know

Looking at doing an engagement shoot soon! We're going to Club Med Bintan for our little "engagement-moon"!

Decided to splurge and treat the boy as an engagement present for him!

More updates will come soon, hopefully!!!