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This is how I pamper myself.


One thing I love about being a woman is shopping. I love pampering myself with beauty treatments, clothes and accessories.

As some of you guys may remember, I always visit Milly’s for my hair extensions. I love going from short to long hair in an instant and from straight to curly whenever I want.

Straight long hair in January.

Bangs and curls in February.

Long curls in March.

Bangs and straight shorter hair for now.

Currently Milly’s is having a promotion for both lashes and hair extensions.

For lashes extensions, enjoy $10 off the usual price and braiding is now reduced to $1 per strand as compared to the previous price of $1.50 per strand!

Milly will be throwing in a free treatment hair cream for those who do 200 strands and above.

This promo is only till end April so go for it soon!

Milly’s Hair Lashes Nails
Far East Plaza
#03-129 & #02-83
For appointment call, 8383 5395

After getting your hair done, don’t forget to shop for some pretty clothes!

One of my favourite blog shops, Hollyhoque has launched a new collection and the items are really adorable!

I’ve already ordered a few items from their previous collection and the Satin Scoop Top from one of their latest collections. Catch them before it’s all gone! They’ll be launching their next collection tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Wearing one of their lovely jackets from their previous collections. 😉

Last but not least, don’t forget to accessorise!

Accessories add a fine finishing touch to any outfit and Wenya Designs have many interesting designs. Here are some accessories that I’ve ordered.

Adorable aren’t they? My favourite would have to be the bracelet because of the cute kitty charm.

Wenya has kindly offered a 5% discount to my readers. Simply email to with the subject “I am a nadnut reader” and you’ll receive a discount! Offer valid till 30th April 2009!

To advertise on my blog, contact me here to get a quote!

This is how I pamper myself, how do you pamper yourself! Do share!

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