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Featured Blog Shop: Damsels Most Wanted

If you are into unique accessories, you are in for a treat! I would like to introduce Damsels Most Wanted!

Damsels Most Wanted sells beautiful handcrafted jewelry. They handcraft each and every item and ensure that every item is unique as compared to the rest.

Not only are these items “one of a kind”, they use quality materials such as rhodium plated findings, Swarovskiz crystals, pearls, czech glass beads, and semi-precious stone. They combine these items with other materials such as glass, acrylic beads and charms to make beautiful exclusive pieces which are affordable for everyone.

Some of their popular handmade creations uses vintage stamps + dictionary pieces, collage work, world maps and even chinese calligraphy.

Aside from that, they do customisations! Will share with you guys in a bit! Here are some of their items which they sponsored me!

I absolutely adore their bracelet (or otherwise known as ‘wrist slayers’ in Damsels Most Wanted!)

Check out the wrist slayers now! They used milky pink flat coins, rose quartz ovals, rose quartz nugget, pink enameled pistol and rhodium findings to make this unique piece!

Check out the mahjong ring! Bring out the huat-ness with these beautiful rings! Retailing at only 3 bucks!

One of my personal favourites! The Kawaii Fiddler! I bet Sabrina and Jacelyn will go gaga over this!

The Dictionary Fiddler is an exclusive item! Using a vintage 1980s piece from the dictionary (oh my god! that’s as old as i am!) and a vintage frame, it’s a one and only item!

Last but not least, is a DIY Fiddler!

I have my very own nadnut ring! Anything can be made into a DIY Fiddler! You can use a photo of yourself, phrases or even random designs like doodles!! Design your own ring and have an exclusive one and only design! If you are wondering, here’s the process of the DIY Fiddler: Submit your design to DamselsMostWanted, they will weld the ring and the round/square frame and the artwork will be hand-sealed (with love) by them into the ring frame by using many layers of protective coat and resin. It’ll take about a week!

DIY Fiddlers costs $12! From now till 27 February, quote Nadnut2011 to enjoy a $2 discount per DIY Fiddler! It’ll only cost you $10!

Do check out Damsels Most Wanted now!

To advertise on my blog, contact me here to get a quote! Special promo for Blog shops in February!

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