I so need a new haircut/look.

The curls by Shunji Matsuo are almost gone now. I loved them aside from the fact they didn’t last very long for me. 🙁 The good thing though is that my hair is in pristine condition and hasn’t been damaged by the perm.

I am kinda bored with the sad curls. What do you think I should do? Rebond? Or reperm?

To head back to Shunji where my hair will not be damaged but curls won’t last long or to go somewhere new? Or leave it as it is?

Suggestions please!

5 thoughts on “BOOMZ!”

  1. heyy. if you want to get a perm, you shldnt go to shunji cos i did a japanese ceramic perm around the same time as you and i swear, right now i just washed my hair, all dry (with no products, no styling) it looks much more curlier and much much better than your hair in the above photo…

    if you really want the place email me back k 🙂
    (the service there is awesome^^)


  2. Leave it longer a little (or extensions? not too long, can weigh you down.), have some looser curls…. would be nice enough!


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