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the day before…

i’m feeling a bit scared… worried infact.

well, im usually a worrywart. scared of pain. of the stupid drip. incase u didnt know, yours truly is going for a wisdom tooth operation tomorrow morning.

am gonna remove 2 lower via ga.

what can i eat? pls advise! i got milo and milk at home. instant whipped potato too.

from what i have heard from friends, they described it as super horrible pain. yes, this from strong ns guys. -_-”

hopefully ill lose weight. bah. updates soon. maybe pics of me chipmunk cheeks. lol. heeee. i can watch another round of princess hours! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

*cough* i’ve updated my wishlist. *cough*

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  1. men actually have a lower threshold for this kind of pain, from what I heard people say… especially those with lovers/gf/wives hahaha.

    nadnut: hahaa. i have a low threshold of pain! 


  2. I had my lower left wisdom tooth extracted last year. I had to undergo surgery since my tooth is growing horizontally, the operation was horrible but it\’s not painful at all. Once I reach home, my friend\’s advice were to sleep the pain away. When I woke up, the pain was so intense so I pop one painkiller pill. No more pain from then on. One good thing that comes out of all these? 5 days MC.

    nadnut: i\’ll have 8 days mc. 😉 but its because im going for GA.. and maybe its 2? ill be a (painkiller) pill popper! hahaha


  3. Removing 2 wisdom teeth via GA won\’t be so bad I think. So you don\’t have to worry much. You\’ll be sleeping. 🙂

    I\’ve had mine done wide awake. Nurse jabbed on my gums, numbbed the spots and the orthodontist removed not 2 but 4 wisdom teeth. Yes 4 while I was wide awake. 2 upper left were done by normal extraction. The bottom 2 had to be drilled before removing because they were growing almost horizontally. Drilled to like 2-3 parts before extracting. Damn sakit siah.

    I was given codine to get rid of the pain. The after-pain will be quite unbearable. If they give you codine or similar, just make sure you eat something before taking the painkillers. Without food, woh, you might just black out. Strong pills but damn good to get rid of the pain and make you relax/sleep. 🙂

    On what to eat, it\’s basically liquid food for first few days to a week. It depends on if you have any stitches. I relied mostly on home-made mashed potato and soup since I could only opened my mouth slightly because of the stitches. 🙁 Porridge, mini noodles soup like Campbell alphabet vege soup or minestrone soup, those should be ok, but best to mash it a bit first so it\’ll be easy for you to eat without chewing. 🙂

    Good luck Nad! 🙂

    nadnut: eck. urs LA ah? they told me they need to cut gums and all that. yuck. i cant imagine myself being awake hearing all the blood and drills and all. *shivers* codeine? ahaha. addictive man. 😉 thanks for the advice on the food. will ask the parentals to stock up on them. sounds like babyfood aye? hee. thanks for the luck! ill need it. hee. 


  4. no drips la babe. eat ice cream, helps to numb the pain yet enjoy the creme. porridge is mostly the choice u have. its either fish porridge or minced meat porridge.

    nadnut: GA = drip. they told me liaoz. if u do it LA, no drips, it will be injections.


  5. fears… i removed all 4 of mine.. at one op..via GA too.. so no pain one lah..

    just note that u will wake up with a numb lower jaw and u wont want to eat anything.. stick to porridge and anythign that doesnt need chewing..


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