that thing about us nerds

and so, after much discussion, mandrake, cg and i decided to have a ‘nerds night’ in which dear old missy flew us aeroplane.

we went to california pizza kitchen at forum.


mandrake wore a checkered (i think?) collared short sleeved shirt all buttoned up with his geeky black framed specs. in one pic we took, he looked like a horny nerd. *cough*

cg wore a white work shirt, collared and long sleeved. totally UN-NERD! no specs and what nots. after trying my specs, she just looks like a school teacher.

me on the other hand, wore a white cardigan, all buttoned up, clipped my hair up with black framed specs. they burst out laughing when they saw me and even mrkennychan who dropped by later said i looked ‘guai’.


mandrake & nadnut = nerds in the making.

curious george = FAILED!

the 3 of us being the glutton we usually are, decided to order the party pack which was meant for 6. !!!!

it consisted of an appetizer. in which we chose the kung pao dumpling. YUMMY!

yummy dumplings


a full sized salad. we chose chicken salad. yum! extremely large portion.

salad with lotsa tomatoes. yum

another view!

a combi of either 3 pastas or 3 pizzas. we chose 2 pizzas, (one peking duck and one dunno what) and a pasta (some dark chicken and prawn one)

the pasta!

pizza. yum


the end result?

3 extremely bloated individuals. it was great being able to just chit chat, catchup and gossip with them. afterwhich, mrkennychan came to pick me up and off we all parted.

great dinner! pics of nerds in next post. protected post though. for password, ask from moi. =)

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