miss dear so much.

he has reached aussie safely and have even used websms to sms me! 🙂

heard so much negativity abt LDR…

sighz. but we’re strong! cant say tat the negativity didnt affect me though..

aside from missing my silly boy, i was catching up wiv my gal frens..

when i realised…, i neva promote jenny’s online beads job!

*smacks my forehead and gives homer simpson ‘DOH!*

so here it goes…

click the link to see beautiful accessories and u can also customised them!

she charges a reasonal fee and her works are great!

i bought a beautiful pair of earrings from her and currently have ordered a pearl necklace from here.

so go and click de link now!

*im missing u so badly. wanna be in ur arms…