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My life in pictures #1

Took many pictures using my cameraphone but never found the time to post them up. Also thought one or two pictures would make a sucky entry so here goes! My life in pictures #1!

Attended the Five Stones Hostel soft launch!

We had a candy floss machine in the office one day and we all had fun with it!
My giant Scrump!
I want to try replicating this hairstyle but I suck in braiding. T.T
All dressed up for Emoboy's wedding!
Thanks Nestle for the customised mug!
Jem's cute-as-a-button poodle: Rusty!
Christine and I <3 Crocs!
My newest addition: Crocs Tone
Even Baby Boy likes the shoes
Just started on SK-II!
Went to Strip to try out their brazilian wax.
The awesome bf surprised me with Westlife tickets!

That’s about it! Next entry coming soon!


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