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that thing about the pasta cafe…

the silly thing was… as i was trying to recall whats the name of the cafe (while writing it down as the pasta cafe) and googling for the name of the cafe…

it was really called pasta cafe. doh!

decided to try something different. layered a tube dress plus a puff sleeve top plus an elastic belt (courtesy of nur). damn i look fat in this. grrr.

met jenny for some shopping and dinner. (the woman didnt shop at all and i spent loads) and we decided to have dinner at pasta cafe. it was my first time dining at the cafe and i have to admit, the service there was good.

jenny and i ordered the wild mushroom soup and the bolognaise, hers was spaggetti and mine was fusili.

the soup was not bad to me. not watery, was chunky and tasted good, though i would prefer if its chunkier, but thats just me. 😛

garlic bread was accompanied with the soup. crispy and delish. i like. 🙂

the waitresses kept topping up our icewater whenever it was in danger of running low. attentive, not bad. *thumbs up*

check out jenny’s contented expression.

then came the bolognaise. initially they served 2 spaggeties (i had ordered a fusili) and suddenly the waitress realised her mistake and zoomed away to change the order. i had waved to her to tell her its ok but she insisted on changing.

sickly looking me + my correct order. we were wondering if we should had added meatballs or sausages but thank god we didnt. i couldnt finish my pasta. i didnt know if it was too filling or its because i was still sick but i just couldnt.

and the sad thing was.. the pasta was good. yum! though it came plain, it was delicious and enough for me. jenny and i only ate half of pasta. 🙁

we are definitely coming back here with our partners next time. 🙂 (so that they can help us finish our food). they had quite an interesting fusion menu too. sounds quite interesting. jap curry noodle? lol. shall try that the next time. 🙂

nadnut’s rating (in terms of service, ambience and food):

hohoho. i’m not an easy person to please.

if you’ll like to check out the place, here are the details.

Pasta Cafe (located opposite Mos Burger in Taka)
391, Orchard Road
#B2-37, Ngee Ann City,
Singapore 238872

Tel: 6734 1638
Fax: 6738 6670

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