juz read de following from justin’s blog…

“Buy me a rose, call me from work
Open a door for me, what would it hurt
Show me you love me by the look in your eyes
These are the little things
I need the most in my life


I was walking back from the MRT after class today, when dunno for what
reason, I decided to listen to my radio instead of my mp3, and I hear this song
by Luther Vandross, entitled Buy Me A Rose.

Sometimes, we all are so busy with work and stuff that we forget to make that someone feel special.We try to buy bigger stuff for the person, a golden braclet, a diamond ring, but sometimes, we forget that these things cannot replace the little things that make it special.

So for those of you whom are attach, buy your love one a rose, and look at her with really the look that you love her in your eyes, because these are the little things that she cherishes most in his/her

aint it true. was watching de chinese show (de kaixin one, weekdays 9pm on channel 8)… where pierre png started romancing his wife.

everyone needs romance in their life. be it a new couple to a long term relationship to an old married couple…

w/o romance, either party will feel neglected, not needed or basically irritated.

when one feels tat way, why would they stay? when their feelings get hurt, they feel not needed, not satisfied wiv de relationship, and unhappy and thus fights/quarrels start.

and if a third party starts paying de attention de other desires. its juz like a job. at first everything is ok, boss seems ok. after a while, boss doesnt treat u good or u feel u dun get wat u deserve, when someone offers u a job, which seems juz as good and with betta benefits, why wun u ‘jump ship’?

aint it true? i wonder too…

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