that thing about the budget terminal..

yes u guessed right, i am now at the budget terminal using the free internet. loser right? hahhhaa.

anyway, the budget terminal aint that bad. all basics are here, dutyfree, alcohol, clothes and books. doesnt look as cheapo as it seemed from the outside. 😛

i took a free shuttle from the airport to the budget terminal. damn, this place looks damn ulu and it looked like some cheapo warehouse from the outside. its freezing cold here!

some tips for everyone. never order steak from Hans. i ordered a medium rare and it came out super welldone. WELLDONE HANS! (pun intended) and the receipt stated medium RAW. wtf?

am now pondering which alcohol should i buy? another absolut? (to add to my pathetic collection) or the new baileys cream caramel or kahlua (typo?). decisions decisions decisions. heh.

see u guys in a bit, time to entertain the bored mama. and its off! to the land of smiles…

8 thoughts on “that thing about the budget terminal..”

  1. Budget’s the way to go… LOL!
    I used the terminal once and would say everything is very within reach… Don’t need to walk so far like the usual terminals… Isn’t that good? Save energy for BKK shopping…


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