so cold today… though was wearing my blazer to werk, i was still freezing! …. brrrr! lol… my toes were freezing too! lol… so silly rite? lol.. did i mention i overslept today? thankfully, reached office in time w/o taxis! lol… …. lol… cant wait for xmas… i really do like xmas! its my most favourite holiday! where we eat and drink and be merry! … anyway, i have received complains tat my blog loads up too slow… sighz… guess gotta remove lotsa stuff.. but i love all the pics! sighz… hahahaha… tink i’m a blog addict… lOL…. anyway, was tinking of getting a domain since i blog so much, u knoe like a webby tat is all mine! then can add lotsa stuff! watcha tink? www.nadnut.com sounds good… well, we’ll see… alright! i shall go play gunbound… ooh! anyway, Natasha from CMM won Cleo Cover Gurl of the year! lol.. i voted for her! sweet gal! kk, me back to gunbound… see ya!


wat do u tink of all de smileys?

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