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that thing about daybed…

remember this?

i didnt have enough of daybed and decided to head down to the lovely place again. as mrkennychan is finally back from taiwan, we decided to have a mini gathering to catch up. except that some people couldnt make it for various reasons. oh well. sometimes its always the same old few who turn up… bah.

the 5 of us. the whites versus the blacks. 😛 the place was a bit too squeezy for the 5 of us considering the fact that we had the table added this time.

i had some discount offer, 1 for 1 for drinks and 20% off on food/snacks. didnt expect them to give us a larger dosage of the drink instead. -_-”

never ever order strawberry or peach martini. decided to try something different for once and it tasted horrible. too sickly sweet. YUCK.

and the cute bartender wasn’t there! the place is nice if you are looking for a place to chill/chat/rest your aching feet/sit crosslegged. pretty quiet still so better check out the place before it gets crowded! (though i was itching to go obar to shake some booty dance)

my chilling/clubbing kakis! 🙂

and moi! does the cap look weird? lol! after that, we headed back home, but ariel and i decided to go out again (after heading home to bathe and change!) for a midnight very late movie. we decided to check out the new cathay. unfortunately i didnt bring my camera and did not take any pics.
nice place!!!!!! and oh… don’t watch The Wild, seems like a spoof of Madagascar. but ariel dearest was very very very happy with the show and kept gushing about the ugly koala.>.< and oh, did i mentioned that we got forced to watch The Wild because of her? ROAR! decided to add some "nadnut sticker" to mark my pictures. does it look weird? hmmmm...

4 thoughts on “that thing about daybed…”

  1. nice pictures. dun think the ‘sticker’ looks weird. 🙂

    wah. so coincidental, having 3 in the group wearing white and 2 wearing black. :p

    nadnut: thanks! lol! yeah very coincidental!


  2. Nadia! You, Corde and me!? shld all go clubbing at O bar! Love the drinks there cos its so OMFG-ish cheap!

    nadnut: lol! sweetie, i always go o bar since years ago. el cheapo here! lol


  3. hey!!! babe! I’m finally freer! Stuart Anderson, my treat! free on this thur/fri??

    nadnut: 😀


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