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that thing about my busy tuesday.

i hate the rain. hate hate hate. i got caught in the rain at least 5 times. brrrr. and had to call cab and waited an hour! hate hate hate.

i went to orchard at 1.30pm today and it looked like the weekend. it was so freaking crowded! argh. did everyone took leave to shop today? bah.

anyway it was a fruitful day. i did the majority of my chrismas shopping and caught up with cordelia sweetie, whom i have not seen for almost a year!

the sweetie accompanied me shopping. thanks dear!

  • mac for the boss – done!
  • marks and spencer for the colleagues – done!
  • borders for the babes – done!

we had lunch at borders bistro and decided to try the set lunch.

pics galore!

corde. cant believe i have known her for 3 years plus and counting!


i had the mushroom soup while she had the salad. thumbs up from the both of us.

mushroom soup

salad. (cant remember whats in it)

corde had the seafood plate while i had the risotto. argh. i cant wait to eat proper solid food again!

seafood plate. argh. looks damn yummy. i could only salivate over it.

my mushroom and cheese risotto. taste like baby food to me. -__-“

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard… damn right, its better than…

mango sorbet. yum!

i realised my camwhoring skills have deteriorated. argh. i took a lot of such pics. (see below). argh.

i need to practice more. thus more camwhoring needed! after that i headed off to meet gracey for a movie.

pretty lights at cathay!

check out the bunch of stuff i was lugging around the whole damn day. dishevelled me due to running in the rain.


wheeee! looks like i have a pretty prezzie! in nice japanese (and expensive looking) wrapping paper!

the nicely wrapped present.

full house dvd with english subtitles! wooooooot!

my slogan tee for the day: i only look innocent. 😉

check out her expression! bah.

now. that’s much better. 😉

hope u like your prezzie! after our movie, (which was good to me), we headed to mr bean for dinner. bad choice. it rained heavily during our meal and waiting for a cab was a killer. tried calling all the booking hotlines but the lines were busy. in the end, i waited close to an hour and managed to get a cab. yes. i hate hate hate the rain.

bah. hope tomorrow’s weather will get better. im going ikea! swedish meatballs here i come!

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