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I nearly got into an accident.

Firstly some background info… As you guys may know, I’ve been riding pillion on my friend’s bike. I’ll call him ChingChong boy. (Why I call him that, would be for another blog entry.)

So he picked me up from work one day and we were on the PIE heading to Changi for my favourite Nasi Lemak. The journey was pretty rough as it was peak period and everyone was trying to “siam” (avoid) the ERP then.

I remember I was thinking about my mum and bringing her for a good meal when suddenly this car swerved into our lane. It was <————–> this close. The first thing I did was gasped and mouthed out ‘Oh my god!’ and I was so sure that we would have been hit but thankfully ChingChong boy managed to swerve out of the way.

My heart was beating very fast, my throat felt very dry and I immediately started tearing at the thought of almost getting into an accident. I managed to stop myself from crying but I was shaken from the incident. At that moment, I was thinking if I had really gotten into an accident, I was glad that my last thought was about my mum.

Till now, I get the shivers thinking about the almost-accident. 🙁

3 thoughts on “I nearly got into an accident.”

  1. To be honest, many car drivers are usually very unaware of motorcycles driving around them, sometimes unaware of other cars even.

    And taxis are the most dangerous vehicle for a motorcyclist since they tend to swerve without signalling.

    The only thing that Ching Chong Boy can do is to be vigilant. And you guys should be fine 🙂



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