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Sorry! :(

I know I know!

I’ve been bad. I haven’t been blogging much and I haven’t been replying comments. 🙁

Exams are here and both of them require LOTS of studying. 20 chapters of HELL each! I’ll be back end of next week k?

In the meantime, why not enter my accessories contest? Do you guys enjoy having contests? If so, I’ll have a clothing contest soon k?

Another contest is at! Instructions there! Make a guess and send an email. It’s very easy!

Sorry! nadnut will be back after the 19th!!! 😉

5 thoughts on “Sorry! :(”

  1. HAHAHA!!! Guess what…my hols have started today!! Good luck for your next paper…it was really good to see you again…still so comical 😀


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