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Shopping in Singapore sucks. Agree or disagree?

This week’s Stomp Starblog Topic!

What are your thoughts? Here’s mine!

I love this week’s topic and I did a bit of research (*cough excuses to shop cough*) on it!

Ok, maybe clipping up the fringe wasn’t such a good idea. Apparently some people hate that look on me. Bleah!

11 thoughts on “Shopping in Singapore sucks. Agree or disagree?”

  1. Hey.I think yr current colour looks nice,very natural.And,the cut yeah,U have looked better.Anyhow,you are still cute,so yeah don’t worry.Fringes grow the fastest.And yes,there is such thing as fringe extension.Hehs.


  2. it depends actually.. whether its a good shopping or not.. depends on whether you found things you like or things that you want or not.. of course.. if you’re a “no-budget” person.. will be even more fun.. im definitely not that kind of person.. budget budget budget!! haha..


  3. hahaha nooo dont clip it up! make you looks like a primary school kid T____T

    and you’re right about the GSS it’s just an excuse for shops to clear their old stock. shopping in sg is fine, just that like you, im an internet addict too. so i do most of my shopping online 😛



  4. Totally agree there is not even a proper rentel of traditional costume shop in singapore otherwise in taiwan it is all over the place


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