Do YOU want to WIN a HP TouchSmart?

YES! You’re reading it right!

Yes, it’s this beautifullllll work of art! I had a go at it (sounds raunchy!) and i LOVE it. It’s A WAY BIGGER version of my tablet PC and it is more sensitive too.

Just be the MOST creative/innovative/productive/interesting answer (and the fastest too!) to the following question: “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”

It’ll cost you NOTHING (but some brainjuice). SO GO GO GO! Just comment HERE NOW!

Contest begins as of now… and ends: 00:00, 12 July. Winners will be announced on the blog at 18 July 3pm. Of course, winners will be notified via email too.

Apologies! Only Singaporean based readers are entitled to participate in the competition. The judges decision are final. (Decisions by HP. Only 1 reader of all bloggers participating in the contest will win. There can only be ONE!)

75 thoughts on “Do YOU want to WIN a HP TouchSmart?”

  1. OMG! It looks so sexy & sleek !!

    I guess with this HP TouchSmart it would be a perfect piece of “ART” laying on my computer desk! *throws away my lousy desktop*

    Love it!


  2. i will get touchy with it all day! This sexy piece of thing would bring out the smarts in the already geeky me!!

    Lousy pictures? Edit them HANDS-ON!!
    Boring games? CONTROL with your FINGERS!

    The ways of interaction with your PC just got closer…
    problem is, i’ve got only 10 stumpy fingers. =(


  3. “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”

    My life without HP touchsmart would be life during period without pads ! =X

    it’s weird to say that but don’t you guys find that in the advance technology world in this era~ everything needs to be in high-tech?

    that explains why HP Touchsmart is needed in my life. without it, i would feel like i am someone from the 1950s when technology was not advance.

    To stop me from feeling like i am from the 1950s, pls let me win the HP TouchSmart okie?

    Pretty nadnut pls =D



  4. Wahaha its so pretty & cool !

    I guess having this Touchsmart could makes me SMART !!As what the name suggest TOUCH SMART!Being a student i would need to work on the comp for almost 10 hours a day (include sch + home)- Make me a SLAVE to You HP Touchsmart!!


  5. my life with this gadget? micheal jackon-ish as i’ll make everyone who wanna use it wear a white glove!

    they probably have to do a little dance and crotch grabbing! :b


  6. OMGOSH, seriously, i bet watching sweets.sg would be more delightful than ever with the super sleeky yummylicious HP TouchSmart. yum yums


  7. WOW!! the new sexy sleek machine.. it will definitly spice up my gaming and computer usage.. plus the best thing to show off to visitors who come to my home.. This is a gift! But it shall not be destroyed..


  8. With HP TouchSmart, life will be full of fingerprints!

    I can keep my little brother’s ass! FOR SURE! I will finally have a proper desktop to call my own!

    And maybe…I will ditch Apple! -.-


  9. My life is going to change totally with the HP TouchSmart cos I’m going to know who else has been using my computer without my approval, as I’ll be able to lift fingerprints from the screen, CSI-style!

    Then I can also take their DNA samples and freeze it in a vacuum tube, until the day that cloning technology becomes so advanced that I can use all the collected DNA samples and grow clones of all the people who used my computer behind my back, and then I can yell at them for invading my digital privacy and make them wipe my TouchSmart clean.

    After that, I can force the clones to join my ever-growing clone army, who will be tasked to keep my TouchSmart safe from grimey fingers. Muhuhahahaha!


  10. Ok i must admit that the PC is nice great and super reflective and all but….

    Yes, it’s this beautifullllll work of art!


  11. Life with a HP TouchSmart would be way cooler than a life with say, Apple.

    Imagine you dont need to use the irritating mouse anymore to click on the folder you want!

    it is like a touchscreen phone magnified by 10000 times!!

    How cool would that be?!!

    Not only can you use your fingers for clicking, you can use it for drawing too! just like, finger painting!? but digitally!

    And last but not least, it would definitely look its best in my pinky princess room, on my brand new computer table!


  12. Will I ever get this?

    Hell yeah i will!

    Imagine what possibilities with this sexy beast!

    Gaming in real Point and Shoot (no more sore wrists!)
    Working interactively with your sexy beast! (Touch typing, anyone?)
    Watching videos and movies will take on another dimension!

    This should be called TouchSexy instead!

    Now, i just need to find ways to get those grimy fingers off her when i get it!


  13. This could be the epitome of Home Media Centre.

    everything you need, all in one sexy goodness of touchscreen and lovely matte black.

    HP have a winner here.

    I would be putting this at the most prominent place with raised stage and warm lightning just to let people see and drool in envy.

    Then control all media equipment around the place with just a touch.

    Music? Simply scroll through like a jukebox.
    Movie? Touch and send it over to the projector.
    Play? oh yea, mmmm play time with this smart machine. yummy.
    Work? (Are you seriously gonna use this for “work”?)

    If this is the 80s, this will be HAL of 2001: A Space Odyssey.


  14. – no more mouse & wires

    – no more “there..there, see that part..where?” I just touch on the screen and enlarge

    – out goes my old tech TV. HP TouchSmart with TV tuner, yeah! Complete entertainment & in touch (internet), neat!

    – fingers get touchy, touchy, seamless transition from IPhone to HP TouchSmart, new fingers lifestyle

    – eh, no more finger lickin good mixing with the screens, ok? (my missus will say)

    – might just touch my mirror in the morning to “turn” the sleepy face into a freshened up face, heh.


  15. Life will be like living in both heaven and hell at the same time.

    It’d be heavenly because I OWN THE UBER COOL MACHINE!!!
    Hell because I’d spend so much time on it I’ll neglect the whole world.



  16. sexy? check.
    powerful? check.

    the question is wrong. the question should be:

    How can you imagine life WITHOUT it?

    now, give me life. give me HP TouchSmart!


  17. Personally,

    I can browse, flip, pick and choose my array of cam-whored pics through my various photo albums.

    Groove to music-of-the-moment and spun pulsating chart hits like a deejay.

    Wave hello to my network of friends in chatrooms and Facebook while keeping tabs on one another lives, the latest fashion and gossips.

    Let my fingers do the directing and be my own movie director, creating and editing videos and uploading the completed masterpieces for the world to see.

    Get my adrenaline pumping and blood coursing through my veins as I pin-point and follow the trail of exciting news on the internet highway, churn out inspiring articles, read blogs and updates on the latest gadgets in the market.

    Plus! I get to burn some calories and keep ‘em fingers trim and lean)

    I wanna get in touch with my computer again!


  18. touche’ touche’!

    the epitome of virtual reality and entertainment into one, the HP TouchSmart shall allow me to realise the power of multi-touch technology in its matte black glory!

    no need to wait for Microsoft Surface anymore!

    fulfilling daily needs of mine, this machine shall be!

    – i can call my friends through VoIP just by tapping the numbers on-screen! (gigantic iphone anyone?)
    – i can listen to my favourite songs with just a click on the screen, and it’s a visual radio at the same time too! enjoying music will never be the same again!
    – Selecting my photos with just a stroke of the finger! Realising there is no need for photo albums anymore!
    – browsing websites and ordering stuff online will be so easy, all just a finger pinch away!
    – Leaving post-its and love letters for my loved ones will be shown through my fingers of creativity on the HP Touchsmart! (adding a small heart by drawing it myself! no need of adobe photoshop anymore!)

    What else would I need!

    HP TouchSmart has encompassed my vision of being the pinnacle in bringing the best of home entertainment with the state-of-the-art touch technology, all into one compact powerhouse!

    *smiles* HP TouchSmart, pioneering the steps of multi-touch personal home entertainment systems!


  19. I’m in a mess!
    My precious laptop (which dad bought me specially for school work) is not working for some reasons.
    I can’t even do my school projects and complete them on time.

    Everytime, I need to go to my friend’s place to borrow her laptop for 3 hours and yet, it’s not enough. And then, come again the following day to use her laptop for another 3 hours or so. I know it’s not nice but hey, I do not have other alternative though.

    Yes, I’m thinking of getting it repaired but hey, was told laptop repairment doesn’t come cheap.

    I’m not even rich like some others who get new computers/laptops they want with a snap like that.

    Hence, I’m not asking for more. My life will definately change with HP TouchSmart. It will be a big dream come through for me. I do hope it’s a gift from god. I seriously do hope so.

    *please pray with me


  20. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You~ you’re too good to be true~ Can’t Take My Eyes Off You~~

    honey, has anyone ever told you you look so Beautiful Tonight? and every other day too!

    From This Moment, you are the one. Right beside me is where you belong~ From This Moment on~

    Love can touch(smart) us one time, and last for a lifetime.
    You’re here in my heart, And My Heart Will Go On and on~


  21. I shall give it a try. HP dont be bias ah =x

    What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?

    1. HP TouchSmart will give better control Post-Processing on the photos. It simpily replace my mouse and even tablet. Not forgetting its LIVE Feed to the screen which doesnt require a second output which wacom uses!

    2. HP TouchSmart uses AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile Processor which requires low power instead of desktop processor and not forgetting it heats make the machine cool&quiet!

    3. With its huge internal storage, nvidia PureVideo Technology & Window Vista Media Center, it allows me to steam High-Defination Videos/Movies on my screen which i can act it as a Home Theatre PC (HTPC) which i can share its beauty to my family members. Not not forgetting its Touch Screen capabilities!

    Not forgetting HP 1 Year Product Warrenty it make me have a peace of mind ! 😡

    Kelvin @ Jurist.SG


  22. “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”

    Flabby arms no more. Do the touch now!


    Honestly, this will be great at my workplace, no more getting looked down on, with my crummy outdated work laptop. The rest can just see but not go near. Take that!


  23. “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”

    Great! Now i have to get a sperm guard for my keyboard, mouse AND the monitor.


  24. Life without HP TouchSmart?
    Hm, sadden. LOL.
    1. need to spend money when your mouse is spoiled.
    which is uer troublesome.
    2. TouchSmart screen is big. and so convienent!
    3.don’ need to buy a computer pen. can draw whatever you like.
    4. can edit photo till nice nice ’cause can draw on the screen!


  25. My fingers trained to be faster than any laser mouse in the market. It will dish out more mouse clicks per second than any mouse in the market (hopefully I do not end up poking a hole through the monitor). And life as we know it, will be totally awesome as the PC is finally a PERSONAL computer experience.


  26. “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”

    my fingers will be touching everything! My little fingers will be able to drag files here and there without having to use a mouse. plus, it’s way way way more sensitive so it’d be a piece of cake for blur people like me! plus my little fingers wont have to press hard to make sure i pressed on the folder, file, etc. And also, things will be so much less messy with just a monitor and keyboard (and maybe a mouse before i totally get used to it).

    Life will be much easier with out ~~
    perfectly sleek and pretty (:

    ***SCREAMS !!!***


  27. what will my life wit hp touchsmart?
    tingling wit sensation, fan-freakin tastic and deliciously tacky.

    wah i really know how to sell myself…-___-


  28. “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”

    It would STYLE my life up, being a SLEEK confidence young man. SLIM & SMART just like our very own “hp TOUCHSMART pc”! It will froze my eye on it just like as if it was a pretty lady & will be tempting to TOUCH it, HUG it, LOVE it!

    REFINED like a black diamond & having a sharp, biting edgy standing on it own. It will sure made a magnificent impact on my life as it’s COMPACT & ILLUMINATING rays shall shine me to colours of life.

    “Do You Wanna Touch?”
    “SURE! YES! YEA!!!”

    With it HP SOFTWARE SUIT, a interesting new software.
    With a TOUCH, You could…
    -Customize Interface.
    -Feel the Music’s beauty.
    -Handle with countless of memories images.
    -Contact with your soulmates online.
    -Get into the cyberworld.
    -Scrolling pages with only 2 finger.
    -Leaving notes, texts & audio.

    Simply with Touch, everything shall be in control of your fingertip. Therefore your pc will be personal again!!!


  29. “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”

    -Finally able to get rid of the irritating mouse.. *squeak squeak*

    -Will spend more time with my computer i think cause i love to touch ^^

    – of course abit more lazy as all i need is just to touch here touch there…

    – might sometimes confusing myself by touching the tv screen as well to change channel….

    – i might even kiss the hp touchsmart to activate some of the programs =x

    Whatever it is my life will change to the better PLEASE GIVE ME ONE….. RAHHH~~!!!!


  30. i’m not asking for more. but my girlfriend birthday is around the corner. she is of cos someone i love a lot, with all my life.

    everytime we walk past Best Denki in plaza singapura, she would take a quick look at it and look away, not wanting to let me know she’s looking at it. but oh well, i do understand her well. she needs a new computer as her com was sold by her stepmum to pay her mahjong debt.

    if i can get this gorgeous HP touch(smart) for her, that would be an excellent reason for her to come stay with me. her stepmum then has no chance to sell it.

    ps: my parents already agreed to it that she can stay with us. so please, i do need this badly.

    and then my life would be transformed, cos i have her in my life everyday. thanks HP.


  31. I will be a cleaner person as I will start washing my hands with soap more often in order not to dirty the HP Touchsmart with my grimy fingers.
    This will also reduce the number of times I suffer from diarrhoea after biting my nails.
    This will in turn help in conserving water as I use the toilet less, and it will also help to control toilet paper wastage. We are therefore one step closer to saving our environment.
    HP Touchsmart is life-changing indeed.


  32. i will turn smart !! LOL !! Way cooler den mac ! Oh My God !! i guess it will be so so cool especially this will be juz like the “jaguar (hp) ” vs nissan ( other brands)” in the computer industry ! woohoo !


  33. I change my monitor about once every 2 years for the extra bits of pixels for my graphic design needs.

    With this gorgeous babe, I think for the next 6 years I will be a married man. lol


  34. 1) Huge touchscreen is fantastic for when I’m using adobe and doing illustrations. Plus watching movies on that screen would be excellent.

    2) The simple and sleek interface that comes with the HP touchsmart means browsing and organising my media files would be a breeze.

    3) Its shiny. I likeee.


  35. “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”

    With HP TouchSmart…

    It Not only acts like a nice monitor but also makes your room feel elegant!!

    Of cause,not to mention that you can Not only listen to music,but also FEEL THE MUSIC!(omgz!)


    (sometimes due to the *squek* sound,i thinks thats a mouse in my house =x)

    With HP touchsmart,I can view my photos on the super large sexy Hp touchsmart screen!!!Editing it photos with adobe photoshop on Hp touchsmart will be koolz!

    I Love contacting friends Through Webcams!With Hp touchsmart,It’ll be super fun!!

    Surfing the internet is just a click away too!! OMG!

    So refined,sexy,tempting,pleasing to the eye,WHO CAN RESIST?!



  36. Blessed are my days to live in Art,
    Finest of blessings, sleek and smart.
    Grasp not the rodent no more.
    It’s path has ended, met its fall.
    Prepared i am, millennium’s trump card,
    as i embrace my HP TOUCHSMART.


  37. I want a Touchsmart so I can have something to boast about, especially when it’s long, hard and shiny with curves all over for me to caress.

    Otherwise I’ll settle for Jessica Alba. So pick me, and I promise to love and treasure the Touchsmart, and when Jessica Alba comes along, I’ll tell her to caress my new long, hard and shiny too.


  38. “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”

    My life would be at my fingertips.
    My life would be connected.
    My life would be what i want it to be.
    My life would be the HP TouchSmart.


  39. A touch to all destinations
    A tool that gives sensation
    A tunnel into the virtual world
    A gift for my soul
    HP TouchSmart!My answer to my needs


  40. who says snow white is the only beauty?
    With the sleek, secretive black design and the ray of light illuminating leads to a new era of beauty.

    With a touchSmart screen, one wont mind cleaning the screen everyday!

    Be Smart, Choose HP TouchSmart!

    give it to me, my laptop and desktop would be in the bin.


  41. There will be less clutter on my desk with all the pesky wires hanging everywhere.

    There will be more room for me to rest my legs on the desk as i use the HP TouchSmart.

    I can keep my young cousins entertained with the Touch functions.

    It would expose my dad who is quite tech phobic to newer technology.

    It would greatly simplify explanations on how to operate programs to my parents. Lesser clicks on the buttons to confuse them.

    It would be a good replacement for my slow and clunky desktop.

    The 22″ would be useful for older folks as the large screen would mean that word documents can be enlarged without the need to side scroll to read everything.

    Something cool in my boring room.


  42. Life with HP TouchSmart PC will be like a breath of soul.

    The touch screen technology will revolutionize everything about the way I hit it off with my PC.

    The touch screen will enable me to personalize my desktop, create and edit pictures according to my preference, as well as scroll websites with my fingertips. An END to the frequent rise of blood pressure and shortening of life span due to incompetent mouse!

    The integrated high-performance speakers will allow me to indulge in my collection of soundtracks from Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, NEWS, Arashi etc… and feel the music!!

    Similarly, the high-definition vast display will let me slobber over the hunky, endearing Japanese drama actors! =)

    The built-in web cam and microphone will help me keep in touch with my pals who are slogging away in overseas universities. My online presence will simultaneously add more vivacity to their fairly monotonous days (and vice versa)!

    From blogging to uploading videos on YouTube to sharing photos online, HP TouchSmart will assist in my free flow of ideas, chiefly in the era of Web 2.0 where productivity and speed are essential.

    In a nutshell, the touch screen will help organize my topsy-turvy life ‘with a touch’. While a dog is deemed as a man’s best friend, HP TouchSmart will be an epitome of MY best companion! =)

    And not to forget… the ORGASMIC sleek design will indubitably be the source of envy whenever I organize sleepovers!

    With its sheer possibilities and influence, I’m sure HP TouchSmart will stand apart from previous technological innovations.

    And who says desktop PC is passé?


  43. The HP TouchSmart will take away the ‘button’ from ‘information at a touch of a button’. This is truly power at your fingertips!

    Imagine the number of people you can touch… Literally.

    I’ll take over the world, one finger at a time!


  44. Q: “What will your life be like with HP TouchSmart?”

    A: I will be able to even use my toes to surf the Internet!


  45. In the past, the appearance of this HP TouchSmart may seems nothing to me (yes, I’m very direct)

    However, as a student of Diploma in Interior Course Singapore Polytchnic, things have changed a lot.

    There’s so many research notes that have to be done, autocad, photoshop and etc.

    With HP TouchSmart, things will be a whole lot better for me.

    E.g: my eyesights have been increasing again recetly which is not a good fact in the sense that my eye degrees are super high! With HP TouchSmart, I no longer have to put my face clsoe to my laptop screen to make sure that all the small small details are taken care of ( you know, teachers have owl eyes; they never(99.999999%) never left out any mistakes!

    One interesting is I’m currently using HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop (: Having expereience the features of HP laptop, I have nothing but praises for this brand. Therefore I’m really glad with the birth of this new HP TouchSmart. In fact getting to own it and use it is simply marvellous (:

    Moreover another eye-catching feature form the video above is the illuminating area! It’s going to be my save the eyes tool too. The reason being that in this course, I will have a lot of projects to rush and that means STAYING UP LATE frequently. Therefore, I have to switch of the ceiling light and relies only on the light illuminating from the screen. In another word, it actually worsen my seyesight. However things are going to to change HP TouchSmart (:

    Actually all the features are useful to me. Just that I’m afraid I will end up flooding the comment area if I touch on every aspect of it =X

    After saying all these I still think that the best is to have a complete experience with it by getting to own one.

    Yes it may seems the best of the whole wide world but (i may sound a little nasty) BUT one have to use it to know it. I can sit here typing all the good things that i see from above and my thoughts regarding it but everything is going to sounds so fake without a tru experience with a real, HP TouchSmart.

    How i wish it’s HP TouchSmart that I’m using now, the experience is going to be a completely different one.

    p/s: I love my current laptop too but human tend to aim for the best that they nay get on hand. Me too, especially when the features are going to aid my greatly in terms of studies, eyesights, super clear screen and more to go (:

    Have a lovely day/night. Depends on the time you read this.

    Bye (:


  46. My life will definitely be uber cool, with my fingers utilized as a ‘magic wand’ that allows simple navigations ‘at the touch of a finger’!


  47. Life would be transformed at a ‘touch’
    A touch full of life
    A touch full of colors
    A touch full of sound
    Clear, cool, and clean.
    HP Touch
    The Touch to Get.


  48. Well instead of sucking up to HP and writing something that looks like an ad copy directly from HP’s marketing team, let me say that I am quite brazenly an Apple fanboy.

    As much as I like the multi-touch feature of my iPhone, I can’t say the same with that of my MacBook Pro. I love my Mac laptop, but it doesn’t really make much use of multi-touch, and integrating it into the touchpad just seems half-assed. Apple will probably take forever to get a full multi-touch OS out, so until then I guess HP takes credit for having one of the first consumer products to introduce multi-touch to desktop computing.

    And thus I should be awarded the damn computer so that I can give it a test-drive and give it a fairly objective review. As much as I am an Apple fanboy, unlike my more rabid brethren I am aware of equally good or better products from other brands. Besides, the TouchSmart seems really nice to own.

    To be honest though, I would really love a Mini-Note.


  49. Hands with different colors,
    Painting pictures.

    Trees, rainbows, home,
    Of father, mother and me.
    Until it is time to rest …
    Carefully, lovingly, mom
    Hangs those pictures on the wall.

    Smiling now, with my own gift from God,
    Memories like those I will always cherish.
    And with this new computer,
    Resting comfortably on the table top,
    Touching it, we laugh, creating new memories forever to cherish.

    Some pictures over at the link below:



  50. guess it will be a tough decision for me to choose between my mac and hpsmart, you just couldn’t decide!


  51. ya its really good one i wish to buy soon but can i get this touch smart pc with intel quad proccesor and 1 gb grapics card


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