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Silly quotes of the day…

A pic from one of our uniform themes: The traffic light ladies.

Group pic!

Kelly and I are the braided girls!

Making funny faces with Elise.

Denise and I before eating our cup noodles. Acting like walruses.

April and I going mental over our freebies.

Regarding our “workout” earlier:

Kelly: My heart is beating

me: Your heart is beating all of the time..

Regarding carrying off red lipstick:

me: My ex-colleagues were making fun of my red lipstick then. They didn’t like the look of the dark red lipstick with white teeth… *shrugs*

Kelly: But you look good with red teeth

Regarding the stuffy room:

me: My block is nosed.

Regarding lame jokes:

Elise: What do you call a crippled prawn?

Elise: Lame xia.

me: -_-“

Regarding calculations.

Kelly: This is weird. How come 49 divided 9 equals to 58?

me: Did you add it up together instead?

Kelly: Oh shit! Don’t like that lah! Another bimbo moment!

Regarding sewing:

April: How do you tie a knot ah?

Kelly: I have to tie the knot tightly right?

Denise, Elise and me: *faints*

Regarding writing our biodata:

Kelly: Do you think I’m a techno bimbo?

me: No…. Tech bimbo or techno bimbo?

Kelly: Oh shit.

Regarding pictures:

Denise: How do I rotate pictures?

My famous one-liners:

– Your friend ah?
– / ignore


Keep in touch babes!

And to find out what the heck is going on, please purchase a copy of CLEO. May issue hor! The current issue is April, so wait for the NEXT issue! 😛

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