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Check out CLEO!

If you were wondering, what were the GE thingajig all about, it’s because I was a Guest Editor for CLEO for the May Issue!

Here are some pics!

If you’re wondering, why does my profile sounds so weird, that’s because it has been edited! Here’s the original:

Friends would describe Nadia as a feisty female in love with the finer things in life. Always seen as a vivacious person, she co-hosts a blogger show called while blogging at where she shares about her life exploits to readers who are apparently interested in her rather boring life. While waiting for her results from University, Nadia tends to mope around at home moaning about her quarter life crisis while taking it out on her fat Persian cat who denies her any affection and mocks her every damn minute.

Ah well.


And here are some of the stuff I did…

And of course there’s more! Check out Suss the Scene and CLEO Clubber! Pictures and details of my exploits in CLEO soon! 🙂

Go buy/borrow! Thanks to all who helped me with the interviews and all! And now, just waiting for the pay and claims to come in! And it’s time to find a proper job. 🙂

[Pictures were taken using Canon PowerShot A1100 IS)

6 thoughts on “Check out CLEO!”

  1. Hi babe, are you Indonesian Chinese because your family name sounds so 🙂
    No offense intended, and it’s okay if you don’t want to answer it.


  2. Well Done Nadnut!!
    Although the G.E’s didn’t turn out to be a girl-band as I was hoping, guest editor of Cleo magazine is a pretty awesome achievement!! Oh here’s a good tip for your “Have Fame No Shame” article:
    3. When in photos always stand to the right of everybody, that way when the photo is printed you will be the first person mentioned so it will say “Nadnut & blah blah were seen etc”
    Hope your pay arrives soon so you can spend it on good goodies .. oh & don’t forget to take a photo of the cheque & post it on your blog .. seems to be all the rage these days lol!


  3. Curious: Hi! No worries about the question, I’m 100% Singaporean 🙂

    Jacqueline: Thanks babe!

    ginl70: Life? so-so! We should catch up soon!

    trish: Thanks! *blush*

    Julien: HAHAHAA! yeah, no girl band. ah well. That’s a fantastic tip! Will keep that in mind. The cheque? Still not here yet! Ah well.


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