sighz… everyone knoes abt de Nicoll Highway collapse incident….

LTA says Nicoll Highway cave-in due to collapse of temporary wall in tunnel

SINGAPORE : The collapse of Nicoll Highway was caused by the collapse of a temporary wall in the tunnel area.
This was confirmed by engineers from the Land Transport Authority and the Civil Defence Force at a news conference on Tuesday night.

They say buildings in the area will be monitored every two to three hours to ensure they are safe for use.

Rajan Krishnan, Director of Projects, LTA, said: “The structure collapsed inwards and this would have resulted in a loud noise which witnesses may have mistaken to be an explosion. Excavation works at the site have been going on for the past 6 months and they had gone down up to 31 metres. They had another 5 metres to go before excavation works in the area would have been completed.”

Commissioner James Tan, Singapore Civil Defence Force, said: “This is an unfortunate incident. Three men are are still missing and Civil Defence officials and dogs are still searching. The SCDF will be working overnight to search for the men. And if by tomorrow evening they are not found, SCDF will bring in heavy machinery to locate the men. We will not stop till they’ve found the missing men. Hope they are alive.” – CNA

sighz, i pray tat those who are missing are found soon….

sighz… looking at de pics really made me feel a sharp pain for the relatives and de workers…

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