bah. imageshack aint working. my pics disappeared… grrr.

anyway, a quote i read somewhere..

“Never Say I Love You if U don’t care. Never Talk about feelings if they aren’t really there. Never Touch A Life if you mean to break a Heart. Never say U Will, if U don’t plan to start. Never look in the eye when all U do is lie. The Cruellest thing a Guy can Do to a girl, is to Let Her Fall In Love when he doesn’t intend to catch her fall…”

how true.

why bring me up so high juz to drop me all the way?

why share wiv my so many dreams juz to take them away?

anyway, no salsa class tis saturday … sad.

but got salsa class outing at union square on friday! 😀

am going for trial sessions on sunday, exotic cardio class and body rock (some hip hop)…

hope i can lose weight…

hahaa. my 3 goals at the moment.

sad. my dream job neva call me!!!!! left thursday & friday. if they dun call… oh well..


mite go bangkok in august!!! see if all work out. i got lobang! anyone interested juz leave me a comment!

gotta bathe!

wat do u tink of de name christel?

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