tiring day!

woke up @ 7am today! went for work @ nyp. sighz. 5 hours of work. 112 names. good job i guess. i will be 40 bucks richer by de end of de month. was soooo bloody damn tired and wanted to go back and koonz.

when de evil mira CONNED me to go school. >.< . somemore tricked me to watch veggie porn (inside joke. note: we seriously didnt watch porn) bleah. tomolo will be a LONGER day. more work. oh well. 🙁 bright side: i would be 80 bucks richer at de end of de month. *thumbs up*. sad cant work next week, got chalet. perhaps another one more day of probation and i get better pay. *nad sees $$$$* muahahaa. love me ring! :). tats rite dear, as he said in me blog, i seemed happy. more like radiant!

next week a whole week (almost) of chalet. yay! cant wait! though missing out on jobs ($$$$!) and photoshoots. 🙁

i want more of me pics! GEORGE! (hahaa, as if he will ever read tis!)

got a sore throat. gini spread to me! >.< . lol. anyway, worked with pearl punk papaya today. missed her so! :). silly gal. tomolo another day with her! gonna intro her to something new! *nad cheeky grin* gotta go! muz sleep early! long day tomolo! why ppl not tagging?
love ya peeps!

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