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It has been some time since i met this special lady. We met for dinner recently and i was late. My new job doesnt really allow me to get off work on time (unlike emco. zzz) and the poor lady had to wait for quite some time for me. Sorry sweets!

Despite the fact that we’ve not spoken in ages, we did not feel as if we’ve drifted apart, infact it seemed as if we’ve just met recently. The one thing i love about her is that she makes the effort to call me out. We both would make an effort to catch up on each others lives. Most of the groups/friends i know do not make any effort to do so. Got so sick and tired that i seriously can’t be bothered anymore.

Anyway, met up with this sweetie and we spent some time catching up. Simple and sweet dinner that brought a smile to my face.

Thanks babe!

4 thoughts on “Serendipity.”

  1. Isn’t it fantastic to have friends like that? The ones whom you seldom meet but when you do it feels like you’ve never been apart? I have friends like that and I love them to bits 😉


  2. wow! I’m really touched that you dedicated an entry to me…I really enjoyed that night, it was just so simple with no pretense needed.. I’m missing you, we will meet up soon yea! Btw what do you want for Christmas?

    P.s: luvphobia, my legs will never be yours, so stop dreaming about it!

    nadnut: hee. sure!! let’s meet up soon. hmmm dinner or mahjong?


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