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Check out Lizzie-Shop for pretty dresses!

So today, I have another blog shop to introduce to you guys.

Lizzie-Shop is another fab blog shop tailored to us ladies seeking trendy, sexy, unique and yet affordable items. Lizzie-Shop was formed by this lovely lady called Elsa who has always been interested in fashion and had decided to start up her own business helping others like you and me find cheap and yet good quality items. She believes that fashion is not all about brands, it’s how oneself carries themselves out and with that, she believes that one can look good without resorting to brands. With that in mind, she has been sourcing for good quality items to sell online and customer satisfaction is of her utmost priority.

Lizzie-Shop has a huge range of outfits be it from casual to formal, giving people a huge variety to choose from. Her items are all in-stock, in that way, you’ll won’t have to wait for pre-order outfits, choose what you like, comment and have you queries replied promptly, make your orders and have them delivered within 3 working days! She also offers a secure and easy checkout system with a PayPal option!

Aside from that, she’s currently offering free normal postage for all items and free registered postage for purchases over $60!

Here are some of the outfits that I’ve bought from Lizzie-Shop!

The ruffles striped dress is a fab piece for work!

It’s a one piece dress which is very light and comfortable especially with this horrid humid weather we’ve been having. I really like the piece!

The next piece is the Spirit Printed Dress available here.

I feel so sweet in this dress! It’s really such an adorable dress.

Something I can wear for high tea or meeting up with the boyfriend’s parents for the first time or even just watching a play!

Last but definitely not least, is the Turtle neck dress (available here)

It’s comfortable and yet dressy! You can wear this outfit from work to a night out! Dress it up with leggings or wear it out on its own!

Go take a look and grab some stuff before it’s all gone! I’ve been lemming over the flared dress and the elegant tube dress! *cough It’s never too late to get belated birthday presents! cough*!!

Photography: Colin Tan
Makeup and hair: Yours truly (using MJ makeup and hair extensions by Milly’s of course!)
Accessories: My own
Editing: Colin Tan

Aside from that, since February is my birthday month, I’ll be offering discounts for advertorials and banners. Contact me here to get a quote!

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