Ping Advertisement – Meet nadnut.

i have been seeing all these ads in the website and decided to join in the fun!

to join in the fun. here’s how.



Your advertisement must meet these criterias:
Size: 600 X 450 pixels
Font: Microsoft Sans Serif, 36, Strong
Font Colour: White
Phrase: Meet XXX. He/She just got Pinged. Have you?


A logo must always be at the top your picture.

unfortunately i couldnt meet one of the criteria. which was the size of the picture. =X as mine was a potrait rather than landscape pic, i had to “modify” the specs. paiseh paiseh!

since this is apparently an advertisement on myself, i thought i should share some basic stuff about myself with you! (that is if this is your first time here and you havent read the faq on me.)

basically… i love food, phototaking, movies, travelling and great company. i feel that i am quite quiet but yet many friends argue that i’m the opposite. this isnt the first time i have had an “ad” on me. infact i ran for elections for two years in poly. 🙂 i used to be quite active and hyper but as the years pass, i think i have mellowed down (and in turn, became boring. boo).

am currently juggling a full time job with part time studies. my biggest fears? i hate horror and ghost movies and injections. i realllly reallllly love food and totally adore going to great makan places. i tend to have cravings everytime. and no. im not pregnant. thats just a loooot of babyfat at the tummy. 😛

any more questions? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ping Advertisement – Meet nadnut.”

  1. darn, i miss those election days.. haha remember us staying back in school late just to ‘chop’ places and put up the huge posters?


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