Random Rants

Pet peeves #1

One of the WYRs that I asked was about whether would you take a cab or a train/bus when you’re running late was because of one of my pet peeves.

I’m fine with people running late if it’s within the 15 mins grace OR if they’ve informed me in advance. In that way, I could do other things before hand, etc leaving the house later or maybe going to the library or running an errand.

But I absolutely hate it when people do not give advance notice. E.g. If I’m supposed to meet someone at 6.30pm and I only get a message that he/she will be late at the eleventh hour.

Or better still, only when I’ve texted them that I’ve reached, they then reply that they’ll be late. It’s so stupid, if you KNOW you’re gonna be late e.g. meetings, missed the bus, overslept, then bloody hell just give me a message or a call to tell me that!

I know shit happens but at least have the decency to inform me in advance. What’s even worse is that they take their own sweet time traveling down and acting all nonchalant about it. “Oh the bus was late, oh something happened etc.” and how it’s NEVER their fault.

The only time it’s forgivable taking buses or trains is when the meet up point is Orchard or if you’re freaking broke or if its during those peak hours that taking a train/bus would be faster than taking a cab.

If I have to wait more than 45 minutes for someone without any prior notice or proper explanation and if he/she takes his/her own sweet time, then I won’t bother ever meeting up again.

If he/she doesn’t show me any respect/courtesy, why should I show them that? Grr.