As mentioned in my previous posts, I've started on my quest to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. I figured, after six months, it would be the perfect time to update everyone.

For those who are new to this post/blog, here's a brief recap.

I wasn't fat when i was younger, not skinny but was rather slim.


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I had gained a tremendous amount of weight after Poly due to my unhealthy lifestyle of sinful suppers, binge drinking and the lack of exercise. Having a desk-bound job and the many temptations of snacking only helped to add on more numbers on the weighing scale.

By January this year, more than eight years since i've graduated.. I realised that i've gained 12kg. I had noticed that i gained weight throughout the years but at that time i kept shrugging it off, thinking to myself "it's just 1-2 kg. i'll lose it off soon!" the years passed, the weight increased and i kept making excuses to/for myself.

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Ching Chong Boy and I have been attending numerous wedding shows recently and I thought to share with you bride-to-bes on what to expect from a bridal or a wedding show! I'm going to do this in a Q&A format. If you girls (or boys) have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll add them in!

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How do I find out about wedding shows?
For me, I check out wedding forums such as
SingaporeBrides, PerfectWeddings and some wedding sites. I'm pretty much on most wedding sites mailing lists and are notified when there's upcoming fairs.

Do we have to pay to attend wedding shows?
Some of the shows are free while some require an attending fee. For example, the Her World wedding show I attended costs $25 per couple while the Sentosa Wedding Show was at $48 per couple. Upcoming wedding shows such as Crowne Plaza Wedding Showcase and Amara are free. Pick and choose wisely!

Should I bring anything?
It's best to bring a notebook, pen and camera. I personally took pictures of the venues, gowns, decorations I liked and also jotted down notes e.g. Venue A can only fit 10 tables, Venue B has an amazing outdoor solemnisation area.

Is there a dress code?
From the previous shows that I've attended, there were no dress code. I would highly recommend wearing something comfortable. I personally would go with something light (as there might be lots of walking involved. E.g. For the Sentosa Wedding Venue, we visited 3-4 venues!) and bring along a cardigan or jacket (as the ballrooms can get REALLY COLD!)

Should I attend the fashion show?
Yes! It's the best time to check out the gowns. This is where I got ideas of what kind of gowns I'll prefer and also which Bridal boutique to check out.

Are those lucky draw prizes for real?
LOL! Yes and no. Some of the lucky draw prizes are ONLY for those who sign up on the spot. There ARE some lucky draw prizes for those who did not sign up but are usually very small prizes.

Should I sign up there?
Well... It really depends. If you, like me, are just looking around, checking out prospective venues, then don't feel pressurised to sign up there and then. Collate a list of possible venues and give yourself some time to check all of them out. It's all about doing the right amount of research. You do NOT want to suffer from buyer's remorse, especially with such a huge event. BUT if you've done your research and have already picked out your dream venue in mind, it would be the best time to sign up. Some venues would throw in extra wine/beer etc while some bridal boutiques will throw in some freebies to sweeten the deal. Negotiate and get more bang for your buck!

What type of freebies can I expect from those shows?
Well, honestly there isn't much unless you sign up for a venue/boutique. (Please see above). Goodie bags usually consist of a wedding favour, some discount vouchers e.g. slimming/fitness vouchers and lots of brochures. There usually is a buffet spread (mainly for paid venues, i think!). From my past experiences, when the buffet spread is ready, you'll see a whole load of hungry ghosts. Don't be too disappointed if you don't get your fill. I think of the buffet spread as a bonus. 😉

Should I check out every booth/vendor?
Well, you can if you want to but be prepared to be given the whole sales talk pitch. I once had to listen to a sales person from a bridal boutique try persuade me to sign up for a package for 2.5 hours! She was relentless! While there is no harm listening to them, do be prepared to be faced with very "persuasive" sales people. Say a firm no if need be. Remember not to give in to impulse purchases!

So far, Ching Chong Boy and I have been having fun attending these shows. If you have any questions, please shoot and I'll try my best to answer them!

Hope to bump into any of you ladies in the future wedding shows!


Remember the previous post? Friends were asking how he proposed...

I was compiling the pictures and BFF had kindly added some subtitles into the video, so here's the whole story! What happened was that: Fidelis and I had discussed about heading down to Lush Singapore. I wanted to buy some bathbombs for both the Staycation at Oasia Hotel and the NAPBAS.

Jio-ed both BFF and Esther along and we decided to make it a girly outing! For some reason, Fidelis suddenly proclaimed that we would be having a mystery makan session that day.

I was feeling uber nua that day and was in slackeroo wear. Didn't even want to slap on makeup in the first place. For some reason, both Esther and BFF mentioned that they will be late. I decided to put on a bitttt of makeup that day.

Met Fidelis at Lush and we shopped away, met up with Esther, BFF mentioned she is still stuck. We grabbed a small bite, met BFF then headed off to ION for dinner.

I was still thinking to myself that the Japanese Restaurant looked quite expensive 😡

All this time, I was bbm-ing Ching Chong Boy. We usually tell each other where we were going. He mentioned he just reached home and I remarked that the restaurant looked pretty pricey.

We were still laughing over how they spelt Fidel's surname as Ms Ton instead of Ms Toh. If you look closely, you'll see a faint number 5 below which is supposed to indicate the number of people. Obviously, I didn't notice this.

We ordered food and while waiting for the food to arrive, we did what girls usually do.


We then chatted etc then suddenly BFF asked Fidel to take a picture of us. Didn't think much about it. Actually... Fidel was taking a video!

And then...

Part two coming soon!