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You've probably seen the morning highlight video! Here's the full vid inclusive of the evening dinner portion!

Skai & Nadia - Wedding Highlights 1.3.14 from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

Can't believe time has passed so fast! Hope you've enjoyed reading my wedding entries!

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Oh geewiz! In a blink of an eye, it has been a year since I married c(hubby).

Skai & Nadia Webisode Four- ROM at the Singapore Flyer from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

Oh my god. I realised that there are a 101 things that we haven't done and I'm lost! So unlike my ROM.

Let's see.. things we've done.

- Booked our venue. Thankfully settled this in the earlier part of the year. We booked Orchard Hotel in Feb this year, had hiccups with them when our sales guy Dan left and no one informed us and some misc nonsense happened. Hopefully things will run smoothly now with our new wedding coordinator Oliver. He's thankfully very on the ball. Phew!

- Booked our photographer(s). Hired UnderTheStars from the referral of Cindy, my makeup artist. Also hired my friend Colin to take behind the scenes and candid shots for us.

- Booked our videographer. We used The Wedding Paparazzi for our ROM and we LOVED their video for us. Needless to say, we booked them again.

- Booked our photobooth. The kind folks from La Novella will be sponsoring my photobooth. Met them at Jessica's birthday and I was wowed by their works. Can't wait to see Jessica's pics from her 21st Birthday party!

- Booked our bridal studio. The kind folks from Bridal Closet will be sponsoring the gowns for my wedding. Thank you!! Their packages are very affordable! Do take a look at their packages!

- Booked my makeup artist. Cindy from Colorpots kindly offered to sponsor us again. THANK YOU! SO MUCH LOVE! I love her works and I feel that she did such a great job for my ROM. <3

- Finished our pre-wedding shoot in Korea. Great experience in Korea. Horrible experience with the editors. In the end, we decided to concede and just accept whatever after so many changes. Just wanna accept my album and close case.

- "Choped'' my bridesmaids. All bloggers bridesmaids! <3 I will be having 5 bridesmaids! I will be blogging about these lovely ladies soon!

- Sent a 'save the date' sms to my guests. WHEE! Thank you to everyone who replied really fast!

Things we have yet to do.

- Finalise our wedding outfits. Way too many lovely outfits at Bridal Closet. Dasha, the owner told me not to lose anymore weight. MUAHAHAHAHA. I LOVE HER MAN! Here's a gown I tried on but did not select. After gaining like what 3kg after my ROM, I still look okay leh. Never even use corset. MWHEHEHEE. Good gowns = look slim.

nadnut, nadnut wedding, #project1314, Singapore Lifestyle Blog, Singapore Wedding Blog

- Finalise our wedding and floral decorator. Hoping to finalise this soon. My friend Vic recommended a company to us and we hope to finalise this soon.

- Finalise our theme. Apparently the wedding outfits affects the theme. WAI DID I NOT KNOW THIS EARLIER?! GG MAX DOT COM. Also haven't finalise the decorator. LOLOLOL.

- Print our invites. Theme affects design. Theme can't settle till we settle outfits. Oh boy. See above. OH NO.

- Do the chapalang guodali cheenabong stuff. I NEED ADVISE HERE. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? OMG MAX. I so not cheena and dunno what is what. Been researching but wah lao eh, so many different things.

- Do up the wedding itinerary. Errrr. HELP?! Anyone has any examples? 😀

- Have yet to book our wedding car. Not sure if we need to book? We are looking to simplify everything and have the gatecrash at the hotel. Tea ceremony at the hotel. Sua.

- Need to settle bridesmaids outfits. Need to settle theme. Everything seem to lie on the theme. HO SEY.

- Need to settle 'tasks' for the brothers and sisters. Gulps.

- DIY wedding angpao box. Saw a nice design, wanna dooooo it. Gonna bully ask my bridesmaids to help me with this.

- Settle honeymoon matters. Leave booked. But have yet to plan itinerary or book tickets.

- Find out more about the tea ceremony yadda yadda. Apparently this can turn out political. Must be very very careful.

- Decide if we're having a band.

- Work on finalised guest list.

- Work on table arrangements. Apparently this can turn out political. Must be very very careful.

I'm sure I missed out something. OMG. I should have just hired a wedding organiser. Or quit my job and plan full time for the time being. Hurhur.

Have I missed anything out? Advice needed! Thank you! I have been way too slack with the wedding preparations oops.



Remember my previous wedding prep videos?

- Wedding prep vid #1
- Wedding prep vid #2
- Wedding prep vid #3

Here's the final vid! The Wedding Paparazzi did a lovely vid capturing the important moments of our solemnization!

Skai & Nadia Webisode Four- ROM at the Singapore Flyer from The Wedding Paparazzi on Vimeo.

Highly recommended! They kindly extended a lovely discount for my readers. If you like their work and am keen to hire them, simply quote "nadnut recommended The Wedding Paparazzi" to them and they'll give a S$200 discount for full day AD packages!



Last post for 2012: Pictures of my ROM dinner!

After the solemnization ceremony in the capsule, we adjourned to O'Learys for a buffet dinner. I was actually quite pissed with O'Learys prior to my ROM as they took forever to reply my emails and they even told my Singapore Flyer coordinator that the venue might not be available for my dinner even though I had confirmed things earlier.

They took more than 3 weeks to get back to me. People working in service sector shouldn't take more than 3 working days to reply emails in my opinion.

I had wanted to cater a bus and go to a hotel for a yummy buffet dinner instead. In the end, O'Learys replied that the venue was available and Skai (ChingChongBoy) didn't want to travel so I reluctantly settled for O'Learys.

Thankfully the service staff were great! They even helped me put up the lovely wedding poms sponsored by ShopMerryLove. So, I guess, all is forgiven.

Same as my previous solemnization post, I'm going to spam you with pictures.

Before I do so, here's some fun facts!

- The wedding poms and props were kindly sponsored by ShopMerryLove
- We chose an outdoor area instead of indoor as we felt that the outdoor area was more intimate and the indoor area's decor (sports theme) was a bit too funky for us
- We encouraged guests to take a pic with the polaroid camera and paste the pic with well-wishes in our guestbook.
- Our videographer The Wedding Paparazzi videoed the guests sharing their well-wishes.
- My lovely ribbon roses bouquet was kindly sponsored by my blogfriend Shanobyl!

Enjoy the pictures!

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