Yours truly...

Online privacy. Be smart about it.

I’ve been reading lots of articles on online privacy and it astounds me on how many people lack common sense. Well, I understand if the older generation are new to social media and all that jazz but for the younger ones like you and me, we would know what to do and what not to do.

If you dare publish something, you just have to have the balls to take the consequences, no?

I know that with my blog, I’m basically opening myself to any forms of attack or danger but I take proper precautions.

I don’t publish my address or where I work or details of the guys I’m dating. I use a nickname for them, to protect them as much as I protect myself. While I use my first name for my Facebook profile, I do not use my full name. I limit my Facebook profile so that friends only could view them and I do not add strangers as friends. I have yet to limit my Twitter page to friends-only but I do not post any super secrets on it.

Be careful. If you are careful while walking along a dark alley at night, why aren’t you careful online too?

Have some common sense people. If you can’t erase all digital footprints you leave, limit leaving traces of them. If you still persist in not taking proper precautions, then face the shit when it comes.