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Spot a new eye colour anytime!


I was born with dark brownish, almost black eyes and while I like my eye colour, I do feel bored with them sometimes. Why settle with what you’re born with?

I don’t believe in settling with what I have. I like playing around with it. For example, my hair has been through lots of dye jobs and various treatments. Recently I chopped my hair short and had it permed. Drastic change!

I love changing my eye makeup. Some days I’ll be sporting a green look and sometimes a smokey eyes look. Sticking to the same look is so boring! So why not change your eye colour? It’s almost the same as changing your clothes!

CIBA VISION has kindly sent me some FreshLook coloured contact lenses and I decided to try different eye shadow looks with them! Here’s showcasing the three new colours!

For the FreshLook Sterling Grey lens, I decided to try it with not too much makeup.

I paired it with light brown eyeshadow and a bit of liner. A very natural look. Most of my friends prefer this colour on me the most!

My personal favourite would have to be the FreshLook Gemstone Green!

It’s more eyecatching than Sterling Grey and I had fun matching my eyeshadow to the colour!

I matched a smokey green look with these lenses and while I thought the colour of the lenses were rather eye catching in pictures, some of my friends thought it was natural! I guess, it was easy to match and wasn’t too outlandish!

The FreshLook Brilliant Blue lenses on the other hand could not be missed.

I say, totally play up your makeup if you’re going with a strong colour. Go with smokey eyes, put on some falsies and go all out. The Brilliant Blue is all about being eye catching and being noticed! Go all out!

So what’s your favourite colour on me? I have more colours! Perhaps I’ll post it up some other day!

Do check out FreshLook Colourblends! Not sure of what colour will suit you? Why not try the FreshLook Colour Studio? Have fun! Do check out the Facebook page for FreshLook too!

Wanna win a pair of FreshLook lenses? Tell me which colour (any colour of the Colourblends lenses, there are 12 colours!) suits you best and why! 5 pairs to be won!


  1. I think the grey one suits me most because It shows how natural I’m without make up. I can just pair my grey colored lenses with just falsies and eyeliner and I’m ready to hit the town. I think the grey one really shows out how “asian” you are in a special way.


  2. I love the Grey Colourblends Lenses the most! (although it was a major tossup between grey and green)

    I think the Grey suits me best, because it is a very rare eye color that usually only animals like dogs and cats have. This is amazing to me since I am very serious about animal activism and making sure that domesticated animals have safe homes. Also, as a little kid, pets were my best friends. Nonetheless, grey is a beautiful eye color that usually only other animals can have. It would be so nice to capture that feeling in a human’s eyes. (especially mine, which are also naturally dark brown and not so rare haha)



  3. naddie! i think you look best with gemstone green, it suits your hair color very well, and i’m not sure if it’s the camera flash or something else, but there’s an additional sparkle in the eys!

    For me, i would think the FreshLook Sterling Grey lens suit me best, since i’m gonna dye my hair red again. Grey goes with red!


  4. Hi, I think the FreshLook Gemstone Green because I have yellowish skin and am planning to dye my hair dark brown. I guess green eyes goes really well with bright and vibrant clothes! SHhh Also, I secretly think having green eyes will give me a pixie, dreamy, faraway look which will drive my fiance crazy. Hehe. How? Can I please have a pair of FreshLook Gemstone Green contact lense, please?



  5. I think the Sterling Grey Lens will match me the most because I like to play with makeup and while the grey lens are natural, you can make use of cosmetics to enhance the color and the look of the lenses. I also think that most of my clothes go very well with the grey lenses and I really like it a lot, so can you give it to me please? 😀


  6. I dun wear cosmetics but changing eye color now and then should be fun even for guys too!

    Definitely want the Gemstone Green coz it’s my Favorite and Luckiest Color!!! =)


  7. Hi Nadia! I once had Brown Freshlook lenses and wore them while on holiday to Turkey, and one day while in a mountainy area, the wind was so strong that my lenses became dry and one flew out of my eye! I was partially blind the rest of the day. Hahah, since that experience about 8 years ago, I’ve been scared to try them again!

    But your entry got me thinking about them again. I went to the freshlook website to test out the colours on my photo! I think Green suits me the most, I don’t know why but somehow it treads that fine line between subtle and eye-catching, so it’s not too unnatural but still very nice!

    I hope you’ll pick me as one of the winners! Btw, I think you look nice in the blue!


  8. Hi, Freshlook Gemstone Green Suit you better. But Nature Black, Brown and Grey is more suitable for Asia Lady. More Nature 🙂 I use FreshKon Alluring Eyes (Mystical Black) myself, Highly Recommended 🙂


  9. i’m just wondering can people with astig wear these?

    have always wanted to try colour lens, but am baffled by how should i overcome the astig problem.

    i think grey would be most suitable, because i’m going for a subtle yet versatile touch of colour for both work and play!


  10. everyone’s going for grey or green.

    it’s not that i wanna be extra or special.

    i love brown. it’s by far the most complementing and natural shade that’s ever suited me. when i wear my grey/green/aquamarine contacts, i have people telling me my eyes look scary or weird or simply unnatural.

    *insert extremely sadface here*

    so i’m going with brown. plus, for some reason, the grey lenses always seem to dry and irritate my eyes. i’ve had no issues with the brown lenses. (maybe its fate!)


  11. Hi Nadia,

    I feel that u look amazing in the Brilliant Blue. It is really something different from the usual ‘natural’ coloured contact lens. I have been dying to try such intense blue. As I have very fair skin I would suit the Brilliant Blue to a T. And I think now is the best time for me to have a big change. No more safe colours for me. New Year, Bold colour!! Weeee ~~ =D


  12. I think Brilliant Blue would suit be best as i am someone who love to have fun! and attentions would be on me if my eyes are of Brilliant Blue colour!

    isnt Brilliant Blue that rainie yang wore on the printed ad?

    woohoo! if i wear, would i be like her?

    Brilliant Blue Brilliant Blue Brilliant Blue


  13. Your blog post have inspired me to never let nature play with your future. I’ve rather gathered the courage to try out new things that may make me look better.

    Artificial, some may call it. But who would not want to look better if they do get a chance to. So I think that I have mustered up the courage to choose FreshLook Sterling Grey lens.

    I am rather dark-skinned. So the FreshLook Sterling Grey lens, have indeed will be able to make my eyes captivating. Complementing, indeed.

    It catches the eye. &such a small change will be change the whole way I appear.


  14. the brilliant blue suits you the most lor! makes you look more perky and energetic compared to the rest (in my opinion). ok lah, maybe it’s because i like the brilliant blue!

    i think the brilliant blue is pretty to the max, plus i’m one who loves the attention. i’ve tried many other coloured contacts like brown and grey, but i don’t really like it, felt that it was too dull for my bubbly and hyper nature! thus, i would really like to win the brilliant blue FreshLook lenses, because I want to stand out in the crowd and in pictures(can look as energetic as you did in the picture)!

    if i win, i’m gonna wear it everywhere and shock my friends. hopefully, it’ll look great on me, so i can finally find a suitable lens!

    thanks for reading!


  15. for someone bold & blessed w natural curly long eyelashes, i reckon the gemstone green would make people go, “u spin my head right round right round!!” ;D


  16. Hi!

    I have been using Freshlook lenses for the past 2 years and I love it! My personal favourite would have to be the Green Colourblend lens. It looks very natural on me and some of my international friends in school thought it was my natural eye colour (surprisingly cos I’m asian!)

    Its the best coloured contact lens I’ve ever tried! And I did try a few.. For example, Freshkon. And yikes, it isn’t natural looking that I threw the pair away.

    So yeah, I would have to say the Green. 🙂


  17. For me, I think Brilliant Blue suits me best! As not only fun that suits my personality, it also brings out my skin tone and makes me look even more fair!


  18. brillant blue for me!

    totally suits my personality – funloving, loves attention on me, especially my eyes!

    blue is also my favourite colour! and it’s so totally different from the other colour of the lens!

    it also totally suits my skin tone and i think it’ll bring the best outta me 😀


  19. Amethyst!

    Hardly see any girls wearing purple contact lens and purple is a very mysterious colour. I like being the mysterious girl, also purple is my favorite colour.

    The best thing is that, my bf loves the colour purple too. Imagine your man staring deep into your eyes and says, “babe, I see my favorite colour in your eyes”. How wonderful and a-hem, romantic.

    Hope I win! =D


  20. i’d like the grey ones.. because it brings out the grey of my (salt n pepper) grey hair. Heng.. ppl will say it’s natural on me .. haha


  21. I like all three and would image that the colors would look the same on me since i have the same eye color. But i think blue on me would freak ppl out.