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Nuffnang’s Pajamas Party Part 2 – The Pre Party Pics

Pls read part 1 first. Sorry I gotta split it into Part 3! There are just too many pics!!!

After unpacking, some of us headed over to Sungei Wang to grab a quick bite and it started raining heavily. Madness. We only arrived back at the hotel at like 5.20pm? And we were supposed to meet at 5.30pm.

Of course we came down late! 😛 Jayden and Fabian were the latest! *changes subject*

Anyway here’s my outfit!

Singlet, Green Rabbit, Happy Boxers and Mushroom Slippers. LOL.

Cute bedroom slippers of the world unite!

Love this pic!

I added Jayden’s specs to complete the look!

I love my green rabbit!

Hot ladies greeted us at the entrance.

I love their outfits! HOT!

While Jayden and I were taking pics outside the club, a lot of people started taking pictures of us. Aiyoh, so malu!

Jayden and Fabian pulling my ponytails. BAD BOYS!!!!


With pretty Kexin. I love her lil tigger!

After pulling my ponytails, he tries to snatch my lil green rabbit away from me!


Alright! Next entry! The party (and massive camwhoring) pics!

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