No updates till I’m back.

Apologies. Due to sucky internet service at the hotel I’m staying at and with only 1 line at the time being, it is really tiring for both Jen jen and I to take turns to wait for each other to finish with the computer then the other person can blog. Aside from that, apparently the internet is locked into just ONE computer. Jen and I use different computers (and we’re not used to using each others laptops, pc vs mac) and we save our pics on our own laptop. It doesn’t make sense to keep transferring pics all the time. As much as the view is beautiful at the hotel we’re staying at, the sucky service and with the internet connection going bonkers all the time, this has to be the suckiest hotel we’re staying at. So, I’ve given up. Updates only when I’m back (and it won’t be daily updates then. School beckons). Sorry guys, I know you would like to read daily updates but it’s really tiring sleeping at 2am – 3am everyday and getting up really early. And apparently this hotel isn’t as flexible (nor polite) as the others.┬áSo, for any updates, pls feel free to check Jen’s blog.

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