had dance training on saturday… sweat a lot… -_-

had tea party after tat, simple and sweet event. enjoyed de company of everyone. tink de subcomm did a good job of evrything! after tat went to a wake. one of my juniors… and got news tat some teach im close to will be going for an operatiomn around end tis months.

50-50 chance.

sighz, life is so short aint it? sighz. after de wake, kenny sent me to dear’s place. supposed to watch vcd but fell asleep.

slept till afternoon. SOMEBODY grumbled tat i refused to get up. TIRED LEH!

grrrr. anyway, my frenster and msn is full! grrr. got a new frenster a/c so can keep in contact with my freshies and gls. msn list i dunno wat to do man.

to those who havent added me into frenster, here’s my email : nadnut@gmail.com

gonna snooze.

IM NOT A PIG! bleah~

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