Association of Petite Peeps coming your way soon!

Tongue in Cheek post. This is not meant to offend anyone in anyway.

I haven’t been logging into my twitter page for a while as I’ve been busy getting addicted to Plurk.

As some of you guys know, (or may not know and will come to know by the end of this very post), a bunch of bloggers have recently set up the Association of Bloggers, Singapore. I’m never good with formal mumbo jumbo and introductions so I’ll just leave you guys to read about their mission here.

There have been lots of discussions, praise and also mudslinging about the Association that everyone is rushing in to put in their 2 cents worth about what they think about the Association.

The asshatty CowboyCaleb is no exception. (By the way, yours truly is a member of the Official Zeus FanClub.)

I couldn’t help but chuckle at CowboyCaleb’s plurk and it got me thinking…

If I could actually form an association just for the sheer jazziness of it all, what would I start? Hmmm..


I’ll form the Association of Petite Peeps.

We petite ones would not be looked down anymore! We would want every damn song that has the phrase “hey shorty” banned and we set to put down all of the heightists! (Think racists but in height terms).

And our theme song would be…………………. DONCHA WISH YOUR GF/BF WAS SHORT LIKE MEH?! DONCHA!

And I’ll recruit Xiaxue as our President. There will definitely be lots of publicity involved. Hurhur.

What association would you form? And why? Tell me!

14 thoughts on “Association of Petite Peeps coming your way soon!”

  1. how about “Ass-o-ciation of Non-Conformist Bloggers, Singapore.” LMAO. i would totally form that elite, non-conformist blogger association who don’t give a shit at all. no offense, but that recent association sounds very government-alike. :S

    we should have light hearted ones!! yes. petite sounds good. and i’ll form the skinny group, where only naturally skinny people are allowed to join. there, we’ll share all the crazy food we eat everyday and still able to stay as skinny as a hot stick.



  2. Okay, I shall form ‘Association of Associations’ and all you people’s associations will be housed under me. Muahaha. Then I’ll milk all the lucrative incentives gain from each and every association. I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!


  3. your association must be official one ok. must registered with singapore society one than got power you know. Otherwise you can’t accredit your members. 😛


  4. There been so much talks about associations, wonder who really dare to start one like the abs. I think it is a good step.

    Cowboy or alvin don’t even dare to let anyone knows who he is in the first place, just talking behind the computer only. I praise those that dare to take the first step.

    Maybe wrong move with the president shouting like a mad woman but definitely the right move for the direction of the association.


  5. @ weilian
    why do we all need to step up when we are just blogging on what we like? cowboy is doing what he enjoys and he entertains many. but i don’t even wanna know who is he irl if he doesn’t want to reveal it. that’s his own privacy.

    imho, we don’t even need an association for a start. ABS (got 6 packs abs?) can just do whatever they like, but love it or hate it, let’s just be honest that this association is not going to be a true representation of Singaporean bloggers. in fact, it makes me cringe.


  6. Since I cannot write my stories in the Straits Times anymore, I want to form the Association of Bloggers for International Gourmet Appreciating Secretaries of Singapore (A BIG ASS).


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