Megafucks, Pussies, Gay Jokes and other hilarious pictures!


lol, they really should have chosen another font. 😛

Some of my favourite lolcats from one of my favourite sites: icanhascheezburger

adsl cat. lol. now you know why your connection was wonky.

naughty naughty!

hey, not nadnut! diff kind of nuts!

interesting entertainment in between. 😛 did you caught the pun?

i captioned this!!!! 😛

i use this picture as my dp @ work. 😛

awwww. so sweet!

i think i feel like this kitteh everyday at work. this reminds me of my cat!

sooo cute!

hurhur. sometimes its the men who arent willing…

doh! dumb humans 😛

woah. check out the cats. one of them seems to have one red and one green eye!

my colleague says, this reminds me of her. o.O

some gay jokes. 😛

use showercream. it’s safer.

tsk tsk luigi!

want some bacon?

looks like he’s gonna win!


after my exams, let’s go party!!!

i feel a need to punish my liver. 😛

5 thoughts on “Megafucks, Pussies, Gay Jokes and other hilarious pictures!”

  1. Heheh I’m a big cat lover and I’m such a huge fan of icanhascheezburger.com. The half-time show pic made me laugh heheh.

    O hai, i can crash ur blog?


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