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Here are some pictures in NAPBAS. You've probably read 101 blogs talking about the whole event and I'll save you from the same blah, here's an entry solely dedicated to my picture spam i.e. camwhoring.

You've been warned!

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Remember I mentioned about the mysterious makan sessions that I started? Soon, it wwas Fidel's turn to organise!

Her choice was Barracks at Dempsey!

Pic credit: daintyflair.net

I arrived late because poor ching chong boy got delayed by work. (Somehow both of us always damn suay. We always get delayed by our work somehow or rather whenever we have gatherings. hurhur)

Pic credit: daintyflair.net
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Part 4 of the Girly Staycation entries!

After dressing up, we had to go out for dinner and drinks!

We had decided that Jacelyn and I would be taking the dinner, Sab and Fidel to take breakfast and Esther will take lunch. (Because the package with Quincy offered 2 x dinners, 2 x lunches and 2 x breakfasts)

And before we all split up for dinner, we camwhored again!

Some pictures:

Fidel and I are the ladies in black!

Sab and I acting cute.

With pretty Jace! She's so pretty and slim!

Forgot to take a pic with Esther! Oops. Sorry Esther!

Esther had given us early Xmas gifts! Thanks sweetie!

Headed off for dinner at Quincy.

Basically we had free flow of soup and fruit salad and a choice of a main course.

The broccoli soup was watery and bland.

Fruit salad was good. But how wrong can you go with fruit salad?

Jacelyn and I decided to share the mains..

The pasta was damn nice. Unfortunately the clams were almost non-existent.

Steak was so-so.

Overall, the meal at Quincy Hotel was Disappointing. Yes, with a capital D!

Boo! Silly Jace wasn't looking! Pls ignore the blubber.

After dinner, we headed off to Zirca for some fun! Omg! I really enjoyed Rebel! Music was good but sadly it was way too crowded! Some pictures from the club. *picture spam*

The black and white gang.

<3 bubbly!

Spotted a cloud decor in Zirca! Mad cute!

We partied, drank and had fun and we only ended at 4plus and headed to Lau Pa Sat for supper! By the time we crawled back to the hotel, it was 5plus!

In the end, I think I was the most sober and awake one of us 4! I even called ching chong boy to chit chat with him after bathing. Wah lao, by 6plus when I had showered etc, he had just stepped out of the club. My bf, lagi more havoc than me!

The next morning, Sabrina and Fidel decided to skip breakfast. I can't blame them! I would do exactly the same thing. Hurhur.

We took some pictures! Sleepwear by Les-affaires! 🙂 I kinda regretted my choice after seeing the other girls' items! All way chio-er than mine 🙂

Hahhaa the funniest pic. Macam Esther kena "eaten" up by me the night before.

Sab's friend Edmund kindly bought lunch for us. We packed up and headed off and ended our girly staycation. 🙁

I love staycations! Planning to have another either with the girls or the bf soon!


Part 3 of the Girly Staycation episodes!

Needless to say, after the makeover, all of us played dress me up!

We had a few blogshops that sponsored us clothes and accessories. Really pretty items!

So this entry is to thank the sponsors!

Pretty rose bracelet from Mynt!

Sweet kitty necklace from Wenya Designs who had previously advertised on my blog before!

The Elstarade Collection. Very unique open shoulder maxi 🙂

The Urban Bangs Collection: Paired my maxi with a H&M Inspired Cardigan. Very comfy!

The Milly Walker Collection: While the Syshe Shift Dress is very flattering with a  sexy back, the dress is a bit see through. I went with nipple tape and all the girls could see the tape. Errr, not sure if nu-bra will work though. I love Esther's Harel Pearl Dress though!

The Vanilla Lollies Collection: One of my personal faves. I love the dresses that the other grils were wearing! Super flattering! Sabrina and I chose the DKNY inspired dress in Light Pink!

The Miuee Collection: Super duper flattering black dress for me. <3 <3 <3

Am pretty pleased by the items. Which do you think flatters me the most?

We were all dressed up and we had plans for dinner and activities after that. Check out the next entry for Part 4!