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I’ve gone for my (first jab of the) cervical cancer vaccination. Have you?

I hate to admit this but one of my biggest fear is needles.

I really absolutely hate needles and I freak out like mad when it comes to injections/drawing blood/drips and what nots.

Needless to say, you’ll never see me going for a tattoo. NEVER!

So when I called my girlfriends down to go for the vaccination at Karri Family Clinic (run by the very charismatic Ieatishootipost), I was having butterflies in my stomach, anxiety attacks and basically freaking out like mad.

I refused to be the first well because… I was damn scared lah. Barffie gamely went first. Painless she said.

The rest then persuaded me to go next as they said going last would be really painful (to wait) for me.

Looking really apprehensive. And yes, I have a stuffed hippo in my hands to squeeze.

He is so evurl! He knew I had a fear of needles and he stuck two of them right infront of me and asked me to choose!

See! Evurl!

It wasn’t that painful after all. To be honest, it was over in a heartbeat. But…. I’m going for my 2nd jab this Saturday and i think I’ll probably freak out again. I HATE NEEDLES!

Joelle can even tweese while having her jab done. Power lah she!

Cheyenne looking way too happy about an injection. I feel like a pathetic dork now.

No pain for hot mama Ting.

Go on for your vaccination. Who knows Doctor Leslie may even give you a souvenir or two?

Barffie scores a balloon dog!

And I got a phallic looking injection needle. LOL

We’ve all went for our vaccination. Have you? If miss afraid of needles here can go for it, I don’t see why you can’t! Do go for it!

As I said during my speech at the POCC party: The main cause of death by cervical cancer is not the HPV virus. It is actually ignorance.

Don’t be ignorant no more.

4 thoughts on “I’ve gone for my (first jab of the) cervical cancer vaccination. Have you?”

  1. Not ignorant anymore!!! Haha! I went for my jab too last Friday. So freaking frightened!!! And I went alone with no one to hold my hand too!!

    But like you said, it was over in a heartbeat.

    Btw when you go for your 2nd jab, do let me know if the achy feeling does occur again! 🙂


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