how to NOT be a better colleague.

some people at work just irritates the hell out of me. so if you wanna irritate others, here’s what you can do!

  1. slam the fucking door more than 20 times a day.
  2. talk/laugh so damn loud, the office at the other end can hear what you have had for lunch, u bloody bimbo!
  3. slamming down the phone.
  4. have 2 different radio channels on in the same office. my ears!
  5. leave food in the fridge for days… and yes, stink up the damn fridge.
  6. looking at my screen. hello! privacy! (thank god, i now sit facing the damn door)
  7. acting blur when you’ve caused a paper jam. do i look like the damn photocopier girl to you?
  8. stealing paper. nuff said.
  9. msning important work stuff instead of emailing. (note. not close colleague)
  10. typing with caps. do YOU understand THIS PART? nnbccb!

many more. but i’ll stop for now. blood boiling. argh!

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