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Apparently I’m a reckless driver.

Claudia asked if I was free to go play go-kart one day and invited myself and the ching chong one to the K1 Go-karting event at Sims Drive.

I was pretty worried at first as… yours truly has no driving experience and previously any experience driving was disastrous.

I remember making Tiger scream when I was driving the buggy in Bintan and also crashing the ATV many a times. I also sucks like mad when playing bumper cars.

So… I was worried that I would sucksssssssss like a noob (technically i AM a noob since everyone else there knew how to drive).

But I decided to go for it.

I didn’t count on enjoying the damn thing, in fact, I was asking to try again and again!

I gotta say…. I like driving dangerously. In the first round, I was practicing, slowing down and braking when necessarily.. but then I got a bit bored and I decided to overtake someone.

Pretty successful round.

2nd round, I was the first but I got a bit “itchy backside” and decided to overtake the last person. I sped at all turns, even “drifted” a bit and tried to squeeze in beside Claudia’s Abang. Needless to say… I “buang”. Totally crashed into the tyres. 🙁

3rd round, it was all good till…. the person infront of me, Hp suddenly stopped and I had to suddenly break, spinning myself out of control. EVERYONE thought it was my fault again! 🙁

It wasn’t my faultttttt!

Anyway… it was really an interesting experience though CCB said it was quite slow… (we were driving at 35km/hr, the ccb always drive at a very fast speed. pfft)

I’m gonna go for the next go-kart event and this time I’m gonna kick Hp’s ass! We’re probably gonna sign up for the next one on 6th Sept!

Anyway… Ching Chong Boy said I’m a very reckless driver… but at least he praised me for being able to negotiate the bends.

Hmmmm… should I go learn driving?

After all, this isn’t the face of a reckless driver…

Right? 😉

Maybe I should have went go-karting on the 7th day of my cycle instead. Do you know that a woman’s parking skills are enhanced during the first seven days of the cycle? Maybe when I do sign up for driving lessons, I should schedule lessons only during the first seven days of my cycle. 😛

By the way, would you suggest learning driving via school or private?

6 thoughts on “Apparently I’m a reckless driver.”

  1. School. The instructors there are on better terms with the testers and will give all kinds of tips. I have a friend who went to a private instructor, and the tester wouldn’t pass him because it was his first time taking the test. :p


  2. Hmm. If finances are tight, private means you pay much less. About 40-50% lesser than school lessons.

    If you got some time on your hands, then invest time… leave the money-spending to the ones who are rich and want to rush through the learning process!

    I managed to complete everything for my class 3(basic theory, advanced theory, practical) in less than 8 months and under $1500. I know of some people who spent more than $2-3k for school lessons!

    But anyway just do all the theories first, they got long waiting time. You can decide to do private or school within 2 years after you got your advanced theory passed 🙂

    Good luck and drive safe!


  3. And to add on… School means you got to fork out about $2000 upfront… but private means you pay after each lesson. 😉


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