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Having more than one kid

I used to think that there is no way I could love another. How do I divide the love if I have another kid? Will I be able to love my second child as much as I love my first?

But I learnt that your heart can love more than one. You will have the capacity to divide your feelings. As an only child, I always thought one child is enough. Growing up was great for me, I did my own thing. I think as an only child, I grew up being both an extrovert and yet an introvert. I learnt to socialise with others as there wasn’t anyone else to play with at home (except for my cats but we all know we are slaves to them) and yet I was a loner at times, I prefer my peace and quiet. Which kinda makes me an introvert extrovert? Oxymoron much?? And I’m rambling now.

Honestly as an only child, the burden is all mind to bear. When parents fall sick, expenses are all on me. I know having kids isn’t a guarantee, infact Skai and I talked about being self reliant and not having to rely on our kids. But I guess giving Aidan a sibling means if anything happens, he has someone else to talk to. I don’t know if I’m being morbid but at least they have each other if anything *touch wood* happens to us.

I guess I’m lucky that I’m kinda somewhat like an extrovert and that I have friends and Skai to talk to and work things out together.

I guess my main point is that, it does get lonely at times. Especially when you are older. Which was why I wanted a second child. Not a guarantee that they could be their best companions but I do hope that they will be. I love seeing them play together and fight. Davina seems to worship Aidan currently while Aidan loves playing with her despite his annoyance that she destroys everything.

So this is my ramblings to why I wanted more than one kid. How about yourself? Do you have more than one kid? If yes, why? If no, why? Would love to hear more thoughts!

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