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Happy Birthday KennySia!

It’s Mr Coconuts birthday!

Happy 25th Birthday!

I have known this funny chap for 2 years now. From the first time we met and i got bullied by him to the lovely cuddles coupon i got for my terrible twos which neither kingmeng or myself got to redeem to the time i kicked his cute ass at risk (WOOOT. risk queen here) to the times he irritated the hell out of me by firstly emailing me delish pics of krispy kreme (at the time i threw a bitchfit about dunkin’ donuts) and to the last outing where he purposely posted that super unglam and ugly picture of me on his blog, it has been fun and laughter all the way with him.

he’s one of the few blogger friends who i actually have fun with and whom makes an effort to keep in touch. 🙂

It’s his birthday today, so pop over his blog and wish him happy birthday! btw, he’ll be in town on sunday, so do pop by to arts house to catch him. Hopefully my intensive week will end early and i’ll be able to catch Ming, Miyagi (i have yet to meet him!) and Kenny in action!

Once again, Happy Birthday Kenny! 🙂

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